ATV insurance discounts

The trek through rugged, off-road terrain that many ATV riders encounter can be pretty extreme. Your ATV insurance rates don't need to be as gnarly, however.

Ways to save money on your ATV insurance rates

ways to save on ATV insurance

Along with already great ATV insurance rates, we're happy to help you find even more ways to cut costs in the form of ATV discounts you could score on your policy. Keep cruising on your 4-wheeler and watch the savings add up.

  • Responsible Driver discount

    Three years or more of incident-free riding means you could bank some major savings. Keep in mind that being responsible doesn't mean always taking the easy trail; it just means knowing the limits of your vehicle.

    These machines are built to do things other vehicles can't, so have fun — but ride smart.

  • Multi-Vehicle discount

    Having multiple vehicles on your policy means 2 things: you can ride in good company … and possibly score a big policy discount!

    The more vehicles you insure, the more you typically stand to save. And since Esurance motorcycle insurance covers a wide range of toys, from snowmobiles to golf carts to Segways, there's no shortage of rides to help you pile on savings.

  • Homeowners discount

    If the primary rider on an ATV policy owns a home or condo, he or she could qualify for a discount. (It doesn't get much easier that that!)

  • Paid-in-Full discount

    What could be better than pocketing ATV discounts before even hitting the trail? Well if you pay your ATV premium all up front at the start of your policy, you can do just that.

  • Switch & Save® discount

    If you've switched from another ATV insurance company to Esurance within the last month (or returned to Esurance within 6 months of leaving), we believe that deserves a fresh ATV insurance discount (and don't even try arguing with us).

  • Safety Course discount

    You could qualify for this discount if you've completed a state-approved rider safety course within the past 36 months.

  • Association discount

    Also own a motorcycle? If you ride with any 1 of 20 approved motorcycle organizations, you could get great savings just by biking with your friends.

  • Multi-Policy discount

    Got more than one way to ride? Insure your car with Esurance as well as your ATV and you could save on both policies.

  • Motorcycle Endorsement discount

    If you've got a motorcycle, simply having a motorcycle license or endorsement (an extension of your auto license that permits you to ride motorcycles) could get you savings of up to 10 percent.

ATV insurance loyalty rewards

Off-roaders who stay on track with their coverage for extended periods could qualify for these loyalty rewards.

Small accident forgiveness

Even if you cause a minor mishap on your 4-wheeler, your ATV insurance premium won't increase.

Large accident forgiveness

Our true-blue customers (4-plus years) can even keep their rates down after a major at-fault claim. If you and the riders on your policy have been claim-free for at least 3 years, we won't increase your ATV premium after your first costly incident.

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