what does ATV insurance cover?

Off-roading is all about the unpredictable — be it hidden trails, unparalleled scenery, or hair-raising terrain. Of course, not all surprises are good, such as an ATV accident. Before buying your policy, take a minute to learn the types of ATV insurance available and learn how they can protect you from unexpected expenses.

Coverage gives you peace of mind as you hit the trail

do i need ATV coverage?

Even if ATV insurance isn't required in your neck of the woods, that's no reason to go without it. As you may have heard, off-roading can be a bit … bumpy (in fact, that's sort of the whole idea). Given the high cost of injury bills or replacing a stolen ride, it's easy to see where some help comes in handy.

insurance options for ATVs: what an ATV policy covers

There are many types of ATV riders. Some ride every day, while others just a few times per year. It's important to choose the right ATV protection for your situation. Basic liability coverage, for example, might be enough protection for the sporadic rider. But for avid ATV-ers, a bare-bones policy may not be sufficient for their higher injury or property damage risks.

With ATV insurance, you'll be able to customize your policy with the following options to fit your riding needs.

Liability coverage

Collision and comprehensive coverage

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

Medical payments coverage

Optional equipment coverage

Transport trailer physical damage coverage

managing your ATV insurance coverage

Should I cancel my ATV insurance coverage in the off season?

If I buy ATV insurance coverage today, when can I start my policy?

Can I get ATV protection on rentals?

Does my ATV insurance coverage apply when I ride other ATVs (not including rentals)?

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