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terms that start with ‘i,’ ‘j,’ or ‘k’

Income loss coverage

Income loss coverage is sometimes a part of your auto insurance policy's personal injury protection coverage (in certain states) or first party benefits coverage (in Pennsylvania).

Income loss coverage offers financial protection if you're unable to work due to accident-related injuries. It helps you recover portions of your lost salary and other expenses you may incur as you try to return to work.

See also: personal injury protection, first party benefits


An indemnity is the sum that your insurer will pay to you or others after an accident that results in damage to property or people. The idea is that it'll restore you — or rather your finances — to their pre-loss condition.

Independent insurance agent

See broker.


An inspection (also known as a vehicle inspection, safety inspection, or annual inspection) is a practice governed by state and national regulations in which trained professionals determine a vehicle's insurability and road-use legality.

The 2 main factors checked during inspections are vehicle safety and emissions. State laws dictate the required frequency of vehicle inspection, but the most common reasons for the procedure include insurance applications, car accidents, and vehicle registrations.

See also: registration

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Insurance adjuster

See adjuster.

Insurance card

An insurance card (also known as an ID card) contains a car insurance policy's pertinent information — including name(s) and address(es) of policyholder(s); policy number; year, make, model, and VIN of each insured vehicle; the effective date of the policy; and the name and contact information of the insurance company.

In most states, you'll typically need to show a police officer your insurance card, along with your license and registration, if you're stopped.

See also: car insurance, VIN, lapsed coverage, effective date

Insurance claim report

Insurance claim reports provide details about car insurance claims you or other insured drivers on your policy have filed with insurance companies. These reports are provided by independent consumer reporting agencies that collect car insurance claim information from a variety of insurance companies. One of the most common agencies issuing such reports is C.L.U.E., the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud (also known as an insurance scam) is any act that knowingly defrauds an insurance company to obtain payment. Fraud can take on many forms, ranging from overinflated towing bills to windshield repair fraud, and from staged accidents to exaggerated claims of stolen property or damages.

Insurance fraud is a leading cause of today's rising insurance costs, and all states enforce strict laws against this form of crime. Convicted offenders can face major penalties, hefty fines, and imprisonment.

See also: claim, car insurance, home insurance, insurance claim report

Insurance score

Insurance scores are based on analytical models that objectively measure the relative likelihood of future insurance losses based on aspects of your credit history. These scores and analyses of their significance are provided by independent consumer reporting agencies.

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The insured is an individual covered by a car insurance policy.

International insurance

International insurance is a form of car insurance designed for traveling drivers. Esurance partners with companies to provide insurance for visitors to Mexico and for residents of Canada.

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Investment property

An investment property is any piece of real estate used to generate revenue for the owner. Examples of common investment properties include apartment complexes, rental houses, and vacation rentals.

See also: home insurance, renters insurance

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Jet Ski® insurance

Jet Ski insurance (also known as personal watercraft insurance) is designed to protect your personal watercraft both in and out of the water.

Though jet ski is commonly used to refer to personal watercrafts like Yamaha's WaveRunner™, the term literally refers to Kawasaki's trademarked product, which debuted in 1973. Powered by a jet drive, Jet Skis can travel on the surface of water and usually accommodate one to 3 people.

See also: personal watercraft insurance, boat insurance

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A judgment is a final decision rendered by a court of law.

Kit car

A kit car (also known as a replica car) is a vehicle assembled from a set of parts. The engine and other components will often be taken from other cars to complete the kit.

See also: collector cars, antique cars, classic cars

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