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terms that start with ‘f’

Family member

For car insurance purposes, a family member is someone who lives in the same home as the policyholder and is related by blood, marriage, or other recognized ties (like adoption, foster care, or wardship). Students living away from home may still be considered family members.

Fender bender

Fender bender (also known as rear-end accident) refers to a minor, low-impact car accident in which the front or rear of a vehicle suffers damage. Fender benders often occur when drivers brake suddenly and the vehicles following behind are unable to stop in time. Generally, fender benders cause negligible damage.

See also: body shop, adjuster, claim

Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility, in the context of car insurance, means you have the financial backing needed to pay for damages you cause during an accident. Buying car insurance with the necessary liability coverage is the most common way you can demonstrate your financial responsibility to your state.

See also: SR-22, FR-19

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First party benefits

First party benefits, or FPB, is a kind of optional car insurance coverage in Pennsylvania.

Depending on the specific FPB coverages you select, if you're injured in an accident, FPB can help cover medical expenses, lost income, accidental death, and funeral costs for you and relatives residing in your household.

The coverage is capped at limits you select when you buy your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy.

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Floater policy

A floater policy can protect certain types of property (jewelry, furniture, art, clothing, etc.) that can be easily moved or aren't always in your possession. These items may not be covered by home or renters insurance, so a floater policy can be a helpful guard against theft or damage incurred either in transit or in someone else's care, like a dry cleaner's or repair shop's.

See also: renters insurance, home insurance

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Four-wheeler insurance

See all-terrain vehicle insurance.


An FR-19 is a form that Maryland or Delaware drivers may need to sign when registering a car or truck. Upon signing this form, you acknowledge that you'll carry the state's required minimum liability coverage on a registered vehicle. The form can be issued (for free) by your insurer.

See also: SR-22

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An FS-1 is a proof of insurance form exclusively used in North Carolina. If the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles received notification that your liability coverage has lapsed, they'll request an agent-signed FS-1 that confirms coverage on the date of the supposed lapse. If you can't provide one, you'll likely need to pay a fine and obtain insurance immediately to avoid revocation of your vehicle's tags.

See also: DL-123, SR-22

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Full coverage car insurance

Full coverage car insurance usually implies that the policy has more than just liability coverage. Though there's really no such thing as "full coverage" when it comes to car insurance, people often use this term to describe how much auto insurance coverage they have.

See also: comprehensive coverage

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Funeral benefits coverage

Funeral benefits coverage may be a part of your car insurance policy's personal injury protection or first party benefits plan. If a covered individual dies from accident-related injuries, this coverage pays for a portion of funeral expenses, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

Covered costs are subject to the limit you choose when you buy your car insurance policy.

See also: personal injury protection, first party benefits