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insurance terms that start with ‘a’


An accident (also known as a car accident or wreck) is the term used to define a vehicle unintentionally colliding with another vehicle, person, or object.

See also: collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability

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Accidental death coverage

Accidental death coverage may be a part of your car insurance policy's personal injury protection (PIP) or first party benefits (FPB) coverage. If someone who's covered dies from accident-related injuries, this type of car insurance coverage may provide a payment to the insured's designated beneficiary.

See also: personal injury protection, first party benefits

Act of God

In terms of insurance coverage, an act of God is an unpreventable natural occurrence that causes damage to your insured property. Examples include natural disasters and heavy storms.

See also: natural disaster insurance

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Actual cash value

Your car's actual cash value (also known as its ACV) is calculated by determining its original value minus the amount your car has depreciated since you bought it. If your car is totaled, most car insurance coverages reimburse you only for the actual cash value of your car.

See also: depreciation, total loss


An actuary is an insurance professional who analyzes various types of data and statistics to determine insurance risks and premiums.

See also: insurance score, Motor Vehicle Report, insurance claim report

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Additional interest insured

Additional interest insured refers to another person or organization listed on and protected under a policyholder's car insurance policy. If you lease a vehicle, you may need to list your leasing company as an additional interest insured to protect the company from future lawsuits due to accidents you may cause. Parents might also list their teenage drivers as additional interest insured parties on their policies.

See also: endorsement, insured


An adjuster (also known as a claims adjuster, field adjuster, or insurance adjuster) is an insurance professional who determines the monetary compensation an insurance company will pay a claimant. When someone files an insurance claim, an adjuster examines the damaged property and determines how much the insurance company should pay to repair the property and/or reimburse the claimant for his or her losses.

See also: accident, claim, fender bender

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Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts (also known as replacement parts, generic parts, or aftermarket auto parts) are vehicle components produced by independent companies rather than the original manufacturer or dealership. For example, NAPA car parts and accessories are considered aftermarket parts, while Honda car parts (installed on a Honda) are not.

See also: adjuster, claim


An agent (also known as an insurance agent) sells insurance coverage and helps manage customers' policies. Insurance agents are the authorized representatives of an insurance company or multiple companies.

See also: broker

All-terrain vehicle insurance

All-terrain vehicle insurance (also known as ATV insurance, quad insurance, quad bike insurance, 3-wheeler insurance, or 4-wheeler insurance) is insurance for vehicles with 3, 4, 6, or 8 wheels that are made with off-roading in mind. All-terrain vehicle insurance can include collision, comprehensive, bodily injury, and uninsured rider coverages.

See also: recreational insurance

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Animal health insurance

See pet insurance.

Annual transit

Annual transit refers to insurance that covers all shipments a policyholder makes throughout the year. In general, goods are protected in transit as long as they are within the territory specified by the policy. Some policies may exclude certain waterways or types of peril from their contract.

See also: peril, named peril

Antique cars

Antique cars are defined by the Antique Automobile Club of America as any vehicle that's more than 45 years old. Many collectors, however, only view cars built by or before the end of World War I (1918) as antiques.

See also: collector cars, brass era, classic cars

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Apartment insurance

See renters insurance.

Antitheft recovery system

An antitheft recovery system consists of an electronic device installed in a concealed area of your car. If your car is stolen, you can activate the device and it'll emit a signal that can be used to locate your car. Such systems can be effective over a radius of several miles, depending on local geography.

By installing an antitheft recovery system, you may also be eligible for a car insurance discount.

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At fault

An at-fault driver is a driver who's deemed legally responsible for damage caused in a car accident.

When an insured driver is declared at fault in an accident, his or her insurance company pays for all covered damages incurred by the other party (or parties) up to the policyholder's coverage limits. If limits have been exceeded, the at-fault driver is financially responsible for any excess amount.

In some cases, fault may be assigned on a percentage basis (such as 51 percent at fault).

See also: liability, collision coverage, driving record

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ATV insurance

See all-terrain vehicle insurance.

Auto insurance

See car insurance.

Auto insurance companies

See car insurance companies.

Automated Clearing House payments

Automated Clearing House payments (also known as ACH payments, automatic payments, or electronic payments) are electronic withdrawals from a policyholder's bank account or credit card used to pay insurance premiums or other types of bills.

See also: credit union, renewal letter

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