15 apps to make home inventory surprisingly painless

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Do you know how much your stuff is worth? If you ever file a homeowners insurance claim, you'll need to have a clear record of everything in your house. These apps make it simple.

Time to take inventory? These apps make it simple.

Do you know how much stuff you have? And how much it's worth? You might be surprised.

If you haven't moved for a while, you've probably accumulated a lot of things without even realizing it. We're not just talking about expensive jewelry. Everyday items can rack up a hefty bill to replace. That's why it's so important to have a detailed home inventory stored away safely in case of an emergency.

Included in your homeowners insurance is something called personal property insurance coverage. It's designed to help you replace the things in your home after a covered mishap like a burglary, kitchen fire, or — worst-case scenario — losing your home and everything in it.

If you ever have to file a homeowners insurance claim, you'll need proof of what you own.

Now stop and think for a second — this means documenting everything in your drawers, cupboards, and closets. All your dishes and cool cooking gadgets. The tools in your garage. Your furniture. Bedding and towels. Keepsakes, heirlooms, and collectibles. Everything.

Sound, ahem, daunting? Fear not. A lot of smartphone apps make taking a home inventory simple — so that filing a claim can be as painless as possible. Another way to make your home inventory easy is by decluttering and organizing along the way. Here's a list of smartphone apps that can help. Because being prepared pays off.

15 apps to declutter and digitize your stuff

With a thorough home inventory, filing a claim is simple

A bonus for using a home inventory app is that it can help you gauge how much coverage you need. A typical policy might include $100,000 in personal property coverage, but depending on the value of the things you own, your limits could be much higher than that. When you file your claim, you'll often need to include a list of your stuff. If that happens (and we hope it never does), you'll be so glad to have a detailed home inventory at hand.

Here are some tips for taking a successful home inventory:

  • Record serial numbers for big-ticket items and know how much you paid for them. Check to make sure all of these will be covered under your current policy. If not, you may want to insure more expensive items separately.
  • Look everywhere, including your closet, garage, attic, and under beds. Make sure you cover everything that's important or valuable so that you'll have proof of ownership when you need it most.
  • Should anything happen to your phone, always have a backup copy of your inventory in a cloud-based system. This way, your inventory stays safe no matter what.
  • Now that you have a thorough inventory, make sure all your stuff is covered. Get a quote for homeowners insurance from Esurance. Because when insurance is simple and transparent, it's surprisingly painless.

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