travel trailer types: what should i buy?

Nothing leaves you feeling boxed in on your camping or road trip like a travel trailer that doesn't fit your needs. Let us open up your exploring possibilities by explaining the main types of travel trailers and (more important) the kinds of travelers each one is right for.

travel trailers vs. RVs

It can be easy to confuse travel trailers for RVs when shopping around. But keeping the 2 straight is pretty simple. It all comes down to the engine — RVs are motorized, but travel trailers aren't and must be towed by a separate vehicle.

Don't let that fool you into thinking travel trailers are somehow limited or that shopping for a travel trailer is a bland endeavor. You'll soon find there's an array of types out there to suit both beginner and veteran voyagers.

different types of travel trailers

Whatever trip you have in mind, you can find types of travel trailers to suit it.

Conventional trailer

Available in numerous floor plans and sizes, conventional trailers help make roughing it, well, less rough. They can sleep 10, so they're perfect for shorter vacations with large groups. Smaller models can often be towed by a family sedan, so hitting the road on a whim is no issue.

Size: 12–35 feet
Price: roughly $8,000 to $95,000

Fifth-wheel trailer

Similar to conventional trailers, except slightly larger. These models are designed specifically for pickups with a "fifth-wheel" hitch. When attached to the hitch, the trailer front is raised to create a bi-level floor plan and panoramic views.

Size: 20–41 feet
Price: roughly $18,000 to $160,000

Truck camper

Truck campers allow you ultimate freedom to explore the great outdoors. The unit is nestled neatly atop your flatbed, so you can take it on rocky or windy roads that would stand in the way of bulkier trailers. And since your hitch is left free, you can tow along a boat, ATV, or other vehicle, as well.

Size: 8–20 feet
Price: roughly $6,000 to $55,000

Pop-up trailer

No matter how much you love traditional camping, sleeping on the hard ground can be a thorn in your side (and back, and hips, and neck). Pop-ups afford you the simplicity of a tent, without the discomfort. They fold up for easy towing, and canvas siding extends out to reveal beds when you're ready to hit the sack.

Size: 8–24 feet
Price: roughly $6,000 to $22,000

Expandable travel trailer

A mix between a conventional trailer and a pop-up. You have the sleeping layout and lightweight towing of a folding unit, but with kitchen, dining, and bathroom space that makes you feel more pampered.

Size: 19–30 feet
Price: roughly $10,000 to $30,000

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