top 4 cool uses for segways

Aside from being lighter than a car (and less expensive), Segways can typically go up to 24 miles on a single charge. They're less strenuous than bicycles, far trendier than unicycles, and super easy to glide around on. But what else can you do on a Segway? You'd be surprised. Read on to see how Segways easily combine functionality and fun.

1. playing polo

Surprising though it may be, Segways are perfect for polo. The rules for Segway polo have been adapted from bicycle and horse polo, but players simply ride Segways instead. So if you're looking to get sporty on your 2-wheeler, look no further than the competitive world of battery-powered polo.

The first organized match was in 2004, and has since grown in popularity (Segway polo is now played worldwide!). There's even an international championship, the World "Woz" Challenge Cup, held annually since 2006.

2. off-roading

Looking for more action-packed 2-wheeling? Try the Segway x2 Adventure, a Segway designed to handle the wilder side of the great outdoors. Specially equipped with a handlebar bag for water bottles and tools, even universal cargo plates, it's got everything you need for any expedition. So whether you're looking to enjoy a scenic ride or conquer a few rough roads, there's a Segway that'll take you there.

3. golfing

Get your golf game to the next level with a Segway specially attuned to your needs. The Segway x2 Golf, complete with turf-friendly tires, has a range of up to 14 miles (36 holes!). That's less strain on your limbs, your clubs, and a great time on the green.

On top of that, the x2 Golf allows you to ride on the grass and off the cart path for speedier play. With a golf bag carrier attachment and an integrated scorecard holder with slots for your scorecard, golf balls, and tees, you'll be swinging stronger in no time.

4. sightseeing

From San Francisco to Columbus (even as far as Antigua and Peru!), the Segway is making itself known as the best form of transportation for group tours. Aside from having a unique and memorable experience, you get the benefit of stress-free sailing on sidewalks rather than wearing yourself (or your sandals) out on a walking tour.

Potential Segway tour locations include hotels, resorts, universities, ski areas, theme parks and more (even Disneyworld's Epcot has a Segway tour!). Just think — you get closer to attractions than you ever could by tour bus or water taxi, and you take it easy on the environment by going the zero-emissions route. Win-win!

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