scooter safety gear: 6 things scooter riders should wear

There's no doubt that scooters are one of the more stylish ways to get from A to B, but it's important to remember that the roads might sometimes be as slick as your ride looks. When it comes to scooter safety gear, you always want to opt for substance over style.

Lovers of 2-wheeled transportation know best: the right safety gear can be a real lifesaver if an accident happens, and should be taken seriously. After all, a helmet alone is estimated to prevent 37 percent of crash deaths among motorcycle riders.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation suggests scooter riders wear the following protective gear every time they get on a scooter:


Protect your noggin! Try on different helmet sizes until you find one that fits comfortably — not too big, not too small. A full-face helmet offers you the most protection, and cuts down on rider fatigue and wind noise.

Riders can look for a Department of Transportation sticker that ensures the helmet meets federal safety standards. Remember to always fasten the helmet strap, otherwise it's about as effective as it is sitting at home on the shelf.

If you drop your helmet, it's wise to have it looked at by a professional, but usually you won't need to replace it unless it was a particularly heavy blow.

Proper eye protection

Sand or rocks can spring up out of nowhere and get in your eyes (and can cause serious damage). You can protect yourself with an approved shield on your helmet, shatterproof glasses, or goggles.


If you hit the pavement, you want a jacket that can prevent some nasty road rash (or worse). There are various kinds of riding jackets made from denim, nylon, corduroy, and leather.

Leather offers the best protection from abrasion, and you can even find jackets with zippered vents so that a breeze can blow through during warmer weather. Some riders buy jackets with body armor inserts that protect the more critical areas.


It's best to wear a thick material that lies close to the body, like leather. These will keep you warm in colder weather and protected from road hazards year-round.


Few things are more important than maintaining control of your scooter's handlebars as sweat, dirt, rain, and other factors threaten to loosen your grip. That's what makes riding gloves so essential. Proper gloves should cover the entire hand and be made of a tough material, preferably leather.


Make sure to get strong leather boots that go over the ankle. Rubber soles are your best bet, and ensure good tread design so your feet don't slip.

It's wise to invest in some rain or inclement-weather protection like plastic parkas and boot covers so that your riding leathers don't get ruined (and so you don't get pneumonia).

To make sure you're seen by other motorists, it's a good idea to wear high visibility gear, like bright colors or reflective metallic strips you can stick onto your leathers.

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