getting started with renters insurance

If you're considering renters insurance but need more details before you buy, check out this section for essential info every renter should know.

general info

What is renters insurance?

I don't have that much stuff. Why do I need renters insurance?

Do college students need renters insurance?

Does renters insurance differ by state?

Can I rent a home without renters insurance?

Do I need different renters insurance coverage for different types of rental properties?

Doesn't my landlord's insurance policy cover my stuff?

Should my landlord pay for my renters insurance?

Will my roommate be insured under my renters insurance policy?

getting the most out of your quote

Can I get a quote and buy my renters insurance policy online?

When I get my renters insurance quote, what factors should I consider to get the most out of my coverage?

How should I compare renters insurance coverages?

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