does renters insurance cover theft?

One of the main perks of renters insurance is replacing your valuables if they're stolen. Here's how renters coverage can help protect your stuff both inside and outside of your pad.

items stolen from inside your rental unit

While your landlord is responsible for structural damage to your unit, it's up to you to protect your personal possessions. Thankfully, renters insurance could reimburse you for the full replacement cost (up to the limits you select) for things stolen from your pad such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and more.

Renters coverage even helps with some of the hidden costs of an apartment theft that you may've never considered — for instance, the price of buying new locks if one or more of your keys are stolen.

How much protection do I need?

Getting the absolute most from your coverage comes down to making sure you have the right amount for you.

Say, for instance, you own the latest and greatest TV, expensive appliances, and sleek mid-century modern furniture. You won't want to spend every second you're away from home worrying about losing the valuables that belong to you and starting from scratch. In which case, you could consider higher limits that would ensure you have enough to fully replace them.

If you prefer a more clutter-free lifestyle, on the other hand, you may feel comfortable with lower limits, which would likely mean a lower premium. Just know that you may have to dip into your own pocket to replace stolen valuables whose worth exceeds your coverage amount.

items stolen outside of your rental unit

Here's even more good news: renters insurance could cover theft outside the home and even while you're travelling.

This could include valuables such as:

  • A bicycle that gets nabbed from outside your office
  • A watch that someone takes from your luggage at a hotel
  • A laptop that goes missing from your car

Renters coverage could also have your back when facing one of everybody's biggest theft concerns — a stolen credit or debit card. In case charges are racked up before you notice the missing plastic and when you alert the bank, your policy could help pay you back for charges that were unjustly racked up.

Coverage limits for theft away from home

For many items stolen away from home, depending on your policy, your renters coverage may provide up to a certain portion of your regular personal property protection. Check with your insurer on the specific off-site coverage amount you're eligible for.

tips to prevent apartment break-ins

Apartment theft prevention, to a large extent, boils down to the same advice you'd use for preventing home burglaries. However, there are a few select pointers especially for flat-dwellers.

Don't write your unit number on your keys

Ideally, you wouldn't write it anywhere (including, say, your smartphone), but putting your unit number on the keys is really asking for trouble.

Get new locks when moving in

Ask your landlord (nicely, mind you) for a fresh set of locks when you take over the unit — or ASAP if you're already living there. That way, you can rest easier knowing you won't get an unplanned visit from sketchy tenants past.

Put a stick in your sliding door track

Flimsy sliding doors are a common feature on apartment balconies and patios. Don't trust the lock alone; place a stick lengthwise on the track to jam the door, as well.

Maintain caution with maintenance

If someone claiming to be a maintenance worker comes by to fix something without your calling first, look for a name tag or badge and verify their identity with your apartment office or landlord.

Report loiterers

If you see someone you don't recognize hanging around the lobby or hallways, it won't hurt to ask the office about it.

customize your renters policy

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