motorcycle safety tips for teenagers

You got the license, the bike, and even the permission from Mom and Dad (don't jinx it!). But more important than any of that is acquiring the teen motorcycle know-how to ride safely. Not to worry: we'll help you study up on safe riding skills so you can be at your best on the road.

teen motorcycle statistics

The freedom your bike gives you comes with inherent danger. Here are some teen motorcycle statistics to help you understand the risks involved.

  • Teen motorcycle riders tally 5.7 times the collision claims that prime-aged riders (those 35-60) do.
  • Over 50 percent of teens opt for sport or super-sport bikes, which account for the most collision claims of any models. Only 9 percent of prime-aged riders choose those bikes.
  • Motorcycles carry a fatal-accident risk 35 times greater than automobiles (which can be tricky enough for teens to get used to).

teen riding tips

To help you better understand how to protect yourself and others, check out some teen motorcycle tips perfect for tackling the road ahead.

1. Take a motorcycle training course

More than 90 percent of riders involved in crashes had no formal training. Motorcycle courses are highly recommended for teens because they can help develop good basic riding techniques early on. Finding the right class is simple: you can get an approved list of training courses from your state's DMV.

Best of all, you can talk to your insurer about a potential motorcycle insurance discount for completing an approved safety course. That's money in your pocket, just for being safe.

2. Invest in a safe, approved helmet

Riders without helmets are 40 percent more likely to die from a head injury than someone wearing a helmet. And since only 19 states currently have a universal helmet law, it's up to teens (and their parents) to take the initiative.

Make sure to purchase a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet that fits properly, not just one that looks cool. A well-fitting helmet sits squarely on top of your head without tilting and covers your forehead.

You can spot non-DOT helmets by their smaller size and lighter weight, which makes them far less effective. More importantly, non-DOT helmets lack the energy-absorbing foam that protects the brain during a collision.

3. Don't skimp on other safety gear

As a new teen motorcycle rider, there are likely a few apparel guidelines to get used to.

Your arms and legs should always be completely covered when riding a motorcycle. Heavy denim or leather jackets and pants, over-the-ankle boots, scratch- and shatter-proof goggles, and gloves provide the best protection. And as with riding a bicycle, choose bright, reflective clothing so others can easily spot you.

4. Don't speed

Many teens, regardless of what they tell their parents (or the traffic police), have a tendency to speed — a no-no in any vehicle, but definitely a motorcycle. Roughly half of all single-vehicle motorcycle fatalities are caused by speeding, and roughly 35 percent of fatal crashes in general. No matter how tempting all that open road might be, play it safe and follow the legal limit.

5. Keep chums off your chopper

We know you're eager to show off your bike. But because you're new to riding a motorcycle, you shouldn't make a habit of offering rides to friends. Riding with a passenger is a lot more difficult than riding alone and passengers can cause potentially fatal distractions. Stick to riding solo (but definitely don't stop your friends from looking all they want).

6. Find the right bike

Cost efficient but safe … sporty but not reckless … cool but not too cool. Find the perfect balance on your first bike with our guide to motorcycle types.

get teen motorcycle insurance

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Get a motorcycle insurance quote and see just how simple (and affordable) it is to keep you and your motorcycle safe.

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