car insurance in mexico: how to find short-term coverage

If you're traveling through Mexico, your U.S. car insurance policy likely won't make the trek with you. We'll explain how to secure short-term coverage for your south-of-the-border sojourn.

insuring your own car in mexico

U.S. car insurance typically doesn't cover motorists in Mexico. So if you're heading to or through Mexico, look into your short-term coverage options.

Where to buy temporary Mexican auto coverage

We can help you find the right policy through our partners at the International Insurance Group, Inc.

As an example, a typical temporary policy can include:

  • Civil liability insurance (up to $300,000)
  • Guaranteed legal and bond assistance, which assists you with the cost of legal assistance in certain covered situations
  • Travel assistance, such as medical assistance, tourist information, and towing
  • Medical expense payments (up to $25,000)

How much protection do you need?

Because Mexican authorities may take you into custody if you're involved in an accident, the U.S. State Department recommends a policy that also covers the cost of bail.

Because of the unfamiliar and potentially hazardous driving conditions, consider buying a policy that offers the most coverage that you can comfortably afford.

insuring a rental car in mexico

If you're traveling in a rental car, you have additional avenues to secure the right amount of car insurance coverage.

Mexican car insurance through the rental company

When you rent a car in Mexico, you'll be able to insure the car through the rental agency itself. The rental agency may not offer liability coverage, which you'll need to buy through a licensed provider.

Mexican car insurance through your credit card company

If you're swiping a credit card to secure your rental car, your credit card company may offer certain coverages. Call the number on the back of your card to find out what is and isn't covered.

if you’re in a car accident in mexico

Just like at home, a good first step is to contact the local police. You'll then want to call the claims number you received when you bought your Mexican auto insurance to report the incident.

As mentioned above, Mexican authorities may take you into custody before determining fault in a car accident. If you're found at fault, you may be held in custody until it's determined that you're able to pay for damages — another great reason to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Roadside assistance

Mexico's version of 911 is 066 — call in case of a roadside emergency. The State Department warns that this number isn't always answered.

If you find yourself stranded or in danger on the cuetos, or toll roads, you can call upon Mexico's roadside-assistance organization, the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes). They're a bilingual crew of radio-dispatched truck drivers that offers supplies, first aid, car care, and protection. You can alert them by calling 078.

shopping for the right coverage

A little preparation goes a long way. Here at Esurance, we can help you find a customized policy that meets your needs.

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