will homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

Whether an intense storm sends a tree crashing through your roof, a lightning bolt strikes and destroys your favorite maple, or that oak you've been ignoring suddenly finds its resting place in your living room — it's wise to know whether or not your homeowners policy will help with tree removal.

how can homeowners insurance help with removing a tree?

Say you're relaxing in your living room one evening, enjoying the drama of a thunderstorm, when suddenly a rogue tree branch (or even an entire tree) comes crashing down on your home. Part of your roof is destroyed, walls are damaged, and a beloved antique heirloom is smashed in the process. What do you do now?

This is where reliable homeowners insurance can swoop in to save the day. If an otherwise healthy tree damages your home as a result of a windstorm, lightning bolt, or even a car colliding with it, dwelling and other structures coverages may help pay to repair any damages to your home. This coverage also includes separate structures on your property, including sheds, carports, and more. Additionally, your valuables might be covered by your personal property insurance.

Of course, the tree would need to be removed to make way for the repair process, so in this instance, tree removal would be covered too.

What if your neighbor's tree damages your property?

The good news is, your home protections extend to these situations too. If you have to file a claim through your own policy, your insurance company will likely subrogate with your neighbor's insurer in order to recoup costs (like your deductible, among others).

If you're an Esurance customer and need to file a homeowners insurance claim or have questions about your coverages, you can log in to your policy online or give us a ring at 1-866-439-5633.

What tree removal incidents aren't covered?

It's important to know when you're covered, but it can be especially important to know when you might not be.

If you've been ignoring the weeping willow rotting in your backyard and it finally collapses onto your house, there's a good chance you won't be covered due to your negligence. It's considered your responsibility to properly maintain your yard and other property to prevent major issues from cropping up. It should be pointed out, however, that if a neglected tree on your property uproots and damages your neighbor's house, then liability coverage could, in this case, help cover the necessary repairs.

Moreover, if a tree is knocked over on your property but doesn't cause any damage, there's a good chance your insurance company won't cover its removal — unless it's, say, blocking your driveway or a wheelchair ramp (therefore affecting your ability to use essential portions of your home).

gain financial protection and peace of mind with esurance homeowners insurance

You may already know how much we at Esurance love trees, but we prefer them upright and, well, not destroying our property, just like you do. That's why we provide dependable homeowners insurance that can help with tree removal after a covered incident, among many other perks.

With a homeowners policy from Esurance, you can purchase any amount of dwelling protection you want so that your home can be fully protected if the worst happens. Other structures protection (for carports, storage sheds, etc.) defaults at 10 percent of your dwelling protection, but you can always increase or decrease your limits as you see fit.

Plus, your default personal property insurance limit with Esurance is a whopping 60 percent of your dwelling coverage, so you can rest easy if a tree crashes into your place and ruins some valuables. You can adjust this coverage to as high as 75 percent or as low as 40 percent.

And if your place is temporarily uninhabitable after a tree encounter, your additional living expenses coverage (at an adjustable default of 10 percent of your dwelling coverage) will help pay for hotels, food, transportation, and other incidental living costs until your home is repaired.

Still need more reasons why affordable, reliable homeowners insurance from Esurance may be a good option for you? We're confident you'll see all the perks of joining our family when you get a quick, free quote online, or give us a call at 1-866-439-5633. Our licensed agents are here at these times.

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