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Merging households is a momentous occasion. But it can also seem like a daunting task, especially if there's a mountain of items to attend to. From deciding what should stay or go, to prioritizing homeowners coverage (and the potential savings involved), here are some helpful tips to make your home merger a success — and devoid of conflict.

make an inventory of all your stuff

Among the most difficult aspects of combining households is dealing with the personal possessions you've both accrued over the years. So before you start making moving arrangements, go through your stuff individually. Make a concise list of must-have items and begin editing down the things you'll take with you.

As you do this, put together a complete documentation of your possessions. While it might not seem important now, having a record of all your stuff will make any insurance claims you need to file monumentally easier, ensuring you're promptly reimbursed.

allow the new home to influence what you keep

Between the 2 of you, there are likely to be duplications in what you own. But this doesn't need to result in a heated exchange. Sometimes the matter is a practical one, like if there's even space for that Steinway grand piano. Others are more aesthetic: does the brash, multihued furniture go with the purity of the craftsman-style architecture?

So take into consideration the home's size, design, shape, and overall character. Additionally, take measurements and photos of the new place as a frame of reference while you compile your list of things to keep. If this still proves to be an insurmountable hurdle, an everything-needs-to-go garage sale may be in order.

choose a style that you both fancy

Your new home should reflect both of your sensibilities — whether that's an eclectic design that evokes each of your style preferences, or a new look that blends your aesthetic leanings. There are plenty of home design sites out there, so check them out together and see if there's a design that you can both agree on. If that proves difficult, then at the very least make sure you both have a designated portion of the home where you can each make your own stylistic selections.

consolidate your insurance policies

For newlyweds, one thing that should be up there on your Just-Married checklist (after the honeymoon, of course) is making sure your combined personal belongings are covered under one renters or homeowners policy.

If you had separate policies before, dropping one of them is fairly easy. Make sure there's no coverage overlap so that you're not paying twice for an item that's already covered, and review your policy limits to determine whether adjustments are necessary. If you already own your place, your spouse will automatically be included under your homeowners policy once they move in.

Homeowners insurance for unmarried partners

If you've bought a house together, homeowners insurance shouldn't be an obstacle whether or not you're married. You also aren't likely to find special discounts only reserved for legally married couples. But if you're the sole owner of the house, your significant other's personal possessions aren't automatically covered by your policy. So if your partner has valuable belongings, you should include them as an occupant under your policy, or they can opt for a separate renter's policy.

Bundle policies and save

A great money-saving move is combining your homeowners and auto policies. So if you both have insurance policies with 2 different companies, get a bundled quote from each and determine which best fits your budget.

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Engagement ring coverage

On that note, if wedding bells are imminent and a certain glinting ornament has been revealed, some homeowners insurance companies, like Esurance, offer engagement ring insurance. Since thieves covet those high-value items — not to mention the scary prospect of it getting lost or rolling down the drain — it might be worthwhile purchasing an endorsement on your homeowners policy to ensure you get hitched without a hitch.

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