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You are, without a doubt, a conscientious homeowner. And while your ingrained diligence goes a long way in maintaining a safe haven for family and guests, accidents can (and do) occur.

what is guest medical protection for homeowners?

If a visitor is injured on your property, guest medical protection within your homeowners insurance policy could help cover the necessary medical expenses, regardless of who's at fault. Usually, medical expense coverage extends to costs like ambulance rides, X-rays, surgical procedures, and hospital stays.

It's important to note, however, that guest medical coverage doesn't apply to anyone who lives in the home or is listed on your policy.

guest medical protection vs. family liability coverage

Many homeowners insurance policies have 2 forms of protection that kick in if something happens to a guest in your house: family liability protection and medical payments coverage.

While family liability protection helps cover you if you're found legally responsible for a guest's bodily injury or property damage, your homeowners medical payments coverage solely applies to the costs related to any injuries sustained by a guest on your premises.

Remember, though, that the pain and suffering of your guest would typically not be covered by your homeowners medical expense insurance.

goodwill for all involved

Unlike personal liability insurance, where the injured guest would make a case that you're legally responsible for the cause of injury, medical payment insurance essentially covers basic expenses to prevent any further legal complications between you and your guest — a gesture of goodwill, if you like.

For example, let's say your kid's friend sleeps over. The tykes get a little rowdy (as they often do), and shatter a glass in the kitchen. Your child's friend accidentally steps on a piece of glass and it's suddenly obvious he or she needs medical attention. Guest medical protection makes it easier for a quick ambulance ride to the nearest hospital to have the wound treated by a doctor. The medical expenses would be paid for (up to the limits you choose for your policy), and the issue would be put to bed, so to speak.

coverage limits for guest medical protection

Bear in mind that your guest medical protection has a policy limit — typically up to $5,000 on the average homeowners policy. Should the medical expenses exceed your chosen limit, you'd be financially responsible for covering the remaining expenses.

With that being said, you may want to opt for a higher limit in the form of an umbrella insurance policy to avoid complications and ensure you're sufficiently covered in the event of disaster.

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If a non-relative guest is ever injured on your property, filing a claim immediately with the guest medical insurance on your homeowners insurance policy could help prevent expensive lawsuits further down the road.

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