does homeowners insurance cover things in storage?

There are lots of reasons to put things in storage — whether you're moving, short on space at home, or want to keep your kids from rummaging through your record collection. But what if something happens to your belongings while they're outside the home? Learn more about whether your home insurance could help cover property in storage.

The things you keep in storage, just like the things you keep at home, can fall victim to various hazards — whether it's fire, damage from a water backup or burst pipe, theft or vandalism, and beyond.

Your personal property coverage, which is standard on a typical homeowners insurance policy, could financially cover your belongings at home, things you keep in storage, and possessions you own virtually anywhere in the world. Storage facilities often provide insurance, but the coverage is likely considerably modest compared to your homeowners policy.

An Esurance home insurance policy, for instance, automatically offers you up to 10 percent of your personal property insurance limit when your items are being kept elsewhere, like in a storage unit. So if you chose $100,000 worth of personal property insurance, you'd have up to $10,000 worth of coverage for items in storage damaged by a covered peril, for example.

Are there any exclusions?

The type of things you want to store can also determine whether they'll be covered (and to what extent). Home insurance policies often exclude valuables like jewelry, firearms, artwork, and other costly liabilities, and those exclusions can extend to your storage unit too.

You might also want to find out whether the facility has a contract with a pest/rodent exterminator. Most homeowners policies won't cover the effects of rodents in your storage unit, so it's worth checking on the sanitary measures taken in any facility you choose.

Talk to your home insurer before you store your stuff to make sure you've got the protection you need — and if need be, you can always increase your coverage limit. If you're an Esurance customer and have questions about what your home policy covers, speak with one of our licensed agents at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).

coverage through the storage facility

Some storage facilities require you to have minimal coverage before they'll rent a storage unit to you. Most storage companies offer their own coverage for the items you keep there, in case your homeowners policy limits aren't high enough to financially safeguard everything in the unit.

If you get coverage for your stuff from your storage facility, you'll likely have to agree to a set limit. Their coverage guards against certain risks, but typically not natural disasters or other weather-related damages. But if you store an item worth over $5,000, say, and your coverage limit is $5,000 — keep in mind that the storage facility is only required to pay up to your limit if the item's damaged.

protect your stuff with home insurance from esurance

An affordable home insurance policy protects the everyday essentials you keep at home, in addition to providing some protection for some of the things you stash elsewhere or take on your travels.

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