does homeowners insurance cover landscaping damage?

Caring for your yard takes time, effort, and money. It can add to curbside appeal, offer a wonderful space for family gatherings, and increase the overall value of your home. But are your plants, healthy trees, and well-manicured shrubs covered by homeowners insurance?

Standard homeowners insurance typically doesn't cover land, but may help protect it against certain perils, including vandalism, fire, lightning, theft, explosions, or damage caused by someone else's vehicle. That said, coverage is usually limited to the removal of damaged portions on your landscape and will likely not pay to replace damaged or dead plants, like trees or shrubbery.

It's important to note, too, that there are other lawn-related risks for which you might not be covered — such as hail, the weight of ice or snow, and damage caused by insects, pests, and disease.

Be sure to read over your policy or contact your insurer so that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your homeowners insurance landscape coverage.

what if a tree falls on my house?

Since a standard homeowners policy includes protection against falling objects, coverage would also extend to damage caused by a fallen tree (up to the limits you choose for your policy). Coverage would likely apply regardless of whether the tree was on your neighbor's property or your own.

Plus, most homeowners insurance companies — including Esurance — guard against structural damage caused by a fallen tree, even if the tree itself isn't covered. So if a tree is uprooted by strong winds or hail and damages your abode, homeowners insurance may not pay for the replacement costs of the tree, but it could help pay for structural repairs to your home, as well as the tree's removal.

However, if a tree is knocked over by a windstorm but doesn't damage structures on your property, your insurer might not cover the cost of removing it — except for instances where it's blocking a driveway or wheelchair ramp.

Further, if the tree has been rotting on your property and later falls on your shed, say, your insurance company may deem that to be a maintenance issue you're responsible for, which means your homeowners coverage wouldn't apply.

additional coverage for your lawn

From pruning the hedges to mowing the grass, lawn care is a time consuming and often expensive effort — so it makes sense that you want to protect your investment. And a yard and garden endorsement on your homeowners policy can increase your coverage limits for your lawn and landscaping equipment.

That means financial protection for everything from trees, plants, and shrubs, to your high-powered riding lawnmowers. If you have substantial foliage and plant life throughout your property, this additional coverage option is worth looking into. It's worth noting, though, that increased coverage only extends to the removal of damaged plant life and, once again, doesn't include reimbursement for it.

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