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Whether your furnace has been making scary noises for weeks before finally breaking down, or you find it suddenly leaking or smoking when you get home from work — you may be wondering whether homeowners insurance can help cover the damage from your busted furnace or HVAC system.

does homeowners insurance cover furnaces?

Not only is a broken furnace a major inconvenience (and even a safety hazard in some cases) — but it can also cause structural damage to your house, destroy personal belongings, and result in really expensive repair bills.

Fortunately, your typical homeowners insurance policy provides financial protection against HVAC and furnace damage to your home in certain circumstances. If, for instance, your furnace is damaged, which causes a fire, home insurance may help cover the costs to repair your home's structure, and replace damaged or destroyed belongings.

It's important to note, however, that if damage to your furnace is due to normal wear-and-tear, age, or any negligence on your part, it'll likely be your responsibility to cover the repair bills. It's also key to mention that home insurance will likely pay to repair the damage caused by your furnace — but not the cost to repair or replace the furnace itself — which is typically your financial responsibility.

When it comes to the perils your policy covers (and doesn't cover), it's always best to speak with an agent to discuss the specifics of your home insurance. If you're an Esurance policyholder and have questions about your coverages, give us a call at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262), where our agents are available to help at these times.

preventing a busted furnace

Properly maintaining your furnace not only helps ensure a comfortable winter, but it can also prevent major disasters like house fires.

A few pointers for furnace safety include:

  • Change the air filter every couple months (or as recommended in the filter instructions). Dirty air filters tend to cause your furnace to overheat and stop working.
  • Be sure nearby smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. Your furnace may appear to be working just fine, but could be leaking deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Don't cover any part of your furnace, and make sure things like curtains and furniture are a safe distance away.
  • Safely wipe down your furnace periodically with a cloth to remove dust and other debris that may present safety issues.

It's generally recommended that you perform routine maintenance on your furnace in the spring or summer so that, come cold weather, it's ready to perform at its best. This also helps you spot early wear-and-tear and other potential issues that need to be addressed before they turn into major repair bills.

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