does homeowners insurance cover broken AC units?

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Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to imagine life without air conditioning in your home. Check out the situations in which you may be able to use your home insurance to pay for a replacement if your AC unit goes belly-up.

air conditioners and home insurance

With close to 90 percent of U.S. households equipped with air conditioning units, having easy access to a cool breeze in summer is a way of life for most people.

If your built-in AC unit (as opposed to a window unit) is broken or destroyed, there are times when having homeowners insurance can help, particularly when Mother Nature (think snow or ice) is to blame.

However, if the problem stems from a maintenance issue or normal wear-and-tear, your policy typically won't cover repair or replacement costs.

It's important to note that since window-based air conditioning units are generally considered personal property — while built-in AC systems are considered to be part of the home's structure — certain homeowners insurance coverages (and the perils they cover) are different. It's always a wise idea to read through your specific policy or speak to a licensed agent to see what's covered under your individual plan.

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2 scenarios in which you may be covered

Your central air conditioner gets covered in ice, and the pipes freeze or burst

Winter tends to take a toll on everything, including your air conditioner. Because your homeowners insurance covers frozen and burst pipes, your policy could pay to get your air conditioning unit back in tip-top shape for the summer months as soon as possible.

A tree falls on your built-in air conditioning unit

It's a humid, late-summer day, and a huge storm is rolling through. You're not worried though because you're inside your refreshingly cool house watching TV. That is, until you hear a thunderous crash, and investigate to find that a tree has fallen on your AC unit.

Don't worry though — you might be a little warm for a couple of days, but because your policy covers falling objects, your homeowners insurance could pay to repair or replace your air conditioner.

2 scenarios in which you likely won’t be covered

10 years pass, and your trusty AC unit breaks from old age

Wear-and-tear is just part of being a homeowner, so your policy doesn't cover a worn-out air conditioner. If a fan breaks or the compressor blows out, it's up to you to get it fixed.

Unless you can find your air conditioner a health insurance plan, the best way to avoid paying for wear-and-tear is by keeping it well-maintained over time.

Your kid accidentally drops something in the fan of your air conditioner and it breaks

You're watching your kid playing in the backyard from the kitchen window when suddenly — no more cool, indoor airflow. You walk outside and there it is: a pen stuck in your AC unit.

Unfortunately, your policy likely won't cover damage you or anyone on your policy does to your own property, so you'll have to pay to have your air conditioner repaired.

protection for your home (and what you keep there)

By opting for our eco upgrade coverage, if your air conditioner (or another appliance in your home) is damaged due to a covered incident, we'll help you upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance.

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