5 places you can drive golf carts

Golf cart insurance might seem about as useful as your latest putting technique. But it may surprise you just how many places golf carts can go nowadays. We'll show you how far you can get from the links — and how your need for insurance goes up as you branch out.

where can you take golf carts?

Golf carts aren't just for golf courses anymore. In fact, these leisure vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for personal transportation in many areas, including:

The road

No, you won't see golf carts on your nearest highway (we hope!). But some states, like California, have made golf carts street legal on 25-mph-and-under roads. Other places, like Minnesota, leave it up to local city and county governments to decide if golf carts are street legal in their area.

Keep in mind, you should always check with your insurer and make sure you're covered for street-riding incidents before taking your golf cart on the road.

Retirement communities

Perhaps no area is seeing faster golf cart growth than retirement communities, and with good reason. These leisure vehicles can really enhance quality of life and give newfound mobility to those who might not otherwise have it.


Certain areas of states like Texas and Georgia, for instance, are making it legal for golf carts to travel right along with hikers, bikers, walkers, and roller-bladers on recreational paths and trails.

College campuses

Most schools won't let students ride golf carts willy-nilly as they would bicycles. But many have made golf carts street legal if drivers have a special permit saying the golf cart is necessary for work purposes or due to injury.

Your home

If you have light construction or towing needs around your property, golf carts can make affordable substitutes for ATVs or UTVs.

motorcycle insurance for your golf cart: increased protection for increased risk

While playing 18 holes, there's usually little chance of major accidents. But when you take golf carts onto trails or into busy foot traffic on a campus or living community, the risks can quickly increase.

With motorcycle insurance, you can get year-round protection and flexible coverage options for your golf cart. You can benefit big time from having things like liability insurance to help pay for others' injury and property damage bills if you cause an accident, and comprehensive coverage to help replace your cart if it's ever stolen.

Even if you just use your golf cart around your home, motorcycle insurance can come in handy. After all, without doors and stability controls, golf carts aren't always the safest rides.

If you're ready to see how our coverage can protect you and your golf cart, start your free golf cart insurance quote.

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