route awakening: being a healthy trucker

It takes something special to be a truck driver — character, toughness, and a healthy approach to life on the road. We're betting you don't need much help on the first 2, but we may be able to offer some healthy trucker tips to improve your routine you hadn't considered.

the unique truck driver lifestyle

The long-haul truck driver lifestyle can be grueling at times. The extended solitude and unconventional schedule take their toll, sometimes leading to habits that hinder healthy living for truckers. In fact, findings from the CDC show that nearly 9 out of every 10 long-haul drivers have at least one risk factor (hypertension, obesity, or smoking addiction) for chronic disease.

The good news is that just a few small healthy trucker tips are enough to greatly improve the happiness and long-term safety of these stalwarts of the road.

healthy trucker tips

Most folks taking long road trips notice their usual good habits — such as exercising and eating right — taking a vacation themselves. But once the trip is over, they jump back into their routine. No big deal.

For truck drivers, however, these sorts of road trips are simply part of the truck driver lifestyle. That's why it sometimes takes a bit of help (and creativity) to stick to good behaviors.

Eat smart (and early)

The truck driver diet has long consisted of diner and fast food. However, these sorts of (usually) greasy meals won't make you feel too good behind the wheel, often leading to drowsiness, acid reflux, and heartburn.

To stay fresher on the road, consider packing your own meals in a cooler. Also, leading off your truck driver diet with high-protein breakfasts (eggs, granola, yogurt) and interspersing healthy snacks (swap those chips for almonds) can go a long way toward keeping you in better shape and spirits.

Exercise before driving

Truck driver exercise is crucial because of how sedentary the job can be. Knocking out some quick push-ups and sit-ups when you roll out of bed, or going for a quick power walk are easy ways to get a boost of energy as you hit the road for the day.

Work out using your truck

Many creative truck driver exercise ideas don't even require leaving the truck! Doing dips between the driver and passenger seat, attaching a resistance band to the door, or heading to the cargo section for some wall sits are all simple possibilities in downtime when you're not on the road.


To combat loneliness and stress on the road, it's important to socialize. Luckily, social media has made this easier than ever. Interacting on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels can help build relationships and make you a more content driver. (Save your interactions for when you're not behind the wheel, of course.)

You can also join a trucker group or make a point of calling family (instead of just texting). If all else fails, even listening to audio books is a nifty way to keep up the chatter.

Ditch the cigarettes

Many truckers pick up smoking as a means to simply keep occupied. As a result, roughly 54 percent of long-haul truckers are smokers, a huge number compared to the U.S. average. Not only does smoking lead to long-term health problems, but also poses a distracted-driving risk.

We know quitting smoking doesn't happen overnight (for most). But it's definitely worth the effort for the improvement it can have on truck driver safety and satisfaction.

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