7 ways to protect your new cell phone

By following these simple steps, you can avoid both minor inconveniences and major meltdowns with your new cell phone.

1. get yourself a good, hard phone case

This might seem obvious because, well, it is. A hard-shell phone case that covers all the critical areas of your mobile is essential for safeguarding it from drops, bumps, and scrapes.

Everything from water-resistant cases to more fashionable coverings are available at various price ranges depending on your budget, the amount of protection you want, and even aesthetic preferences.

2. throw a screen protector on it

In case you haven't noticed (heh, see what we did there?), the screens on cell phones are getting pretty darn big. And while that gives us more room to swipe around the internet and watch music videos, it also creates a large, vulnerable area on your phone.

Transparent, removable, stick-on screen protectors can really come in handy, and are super affordable at most phone accessory shops. While they're not going to keep your screen from cracking if you sit on it, they will keep the occasional sharp object from scuffing it up.

3. don’t take that thing anywhere near a bathroom

Let's face it: the vast majority of the phone nightmares we hear about and/or experience involve restrooms. It's a room with so much possibility for phone disaster, so just save texting or calling for later.

4. avoid taking your phone with you to the rugged outdoors

We all love capturing that picturesque ocean sunset or particularly daring rock climb we just conquered, but our sleek smartphones weren't necessarily made for the great outdoors. Whether it's scratchy beach sand or rough rock faces, it's probably best to keep your phone at home while you're channeling your inner Davy Crockett.

(And with all the great technology specifically made for rougher use — from cameras to communications devices, all at reasonable prices — you won't have to miss out on capturing any of the fun.)

5. get savvy with storage

It's common sense that putting your cell in your back pocket might cause you to well, sit on it. But darn, it's such a convenient place to put the thing!

Still, finding a safer place like a shirt, jacket, or even front pant pocket is better than your back pocket. Better yet, put your phone in a case you can clip to your belt, a purse, or a messenger bag.

6. be aware of your surroundings, even familiar ones

It's easy to become distracted if you normally take a particular path to work, or listen to music during your commute on public transportation, say. But it's important to remain vigilant at all times.

Professional thieves and pickpockets will sometimes learn their target's routine, and then wait until said target isn't paying full attention to make a move. Even amateurs can make a quick grab for your phone if it's easily accessible or you're preoccupied. Remember to keep your eyes peeled and your valuables in a secure place.

7. get your cell covered with phone insurance

In the unfortunate event that your phone still gets stolen, lost, or damaged despite following these pointers, phone insurance can help ensure the full retail cost of a new phone doesn't come out of your pocket. Get a quick, free phone insurance quote through our partner for protection you can rely on.

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