when is the best time to buy car insurance?

We all want to pay as little as possible for dependable auto insurance, but could you really save money on your premium just by purchasing your policy at a certain time of year?

myth: there’s a “best month” to buy a car insurance policy

There may be certain seasons where you're sure to score some of the best deals on items you want or need (Black Friday, anyone?). But, despite some claims you might see on the internet, there is no "best" time of year to purchase an auto insurance policy.

There are many factors that go into your premium — determined by both your insurer and the state where you live. State laws and guidelines change regularly, causing car insurance rates to fluctuate from time to time (in addition to other factors that may affect what you pay).

When it comes down to it, the month or season you choose to buy car insurance has nothing to do with what your premium will be.

the best time to buy is now

Simply put, if you don't have car insurance and want to hit the road legally, the wisest time to buy a policy is right now.

The sooner you get insured, the sooner you start building an insurance history — and the longer your insurance history, the less you generally pay for coverage (assuming you have a clean driving record). So the longer you maintain an auto policy with no lapses in coverage, the more likely you are to see your auto insurance rates go down.

Plus, if you just bought or registered a ride, securing a car insurance policy within your state's required timeframe can help prevent unnecessary fines and fees (since most states require at least basic liability coverage).

And with Esurance, you could see savings right away with our Fast 5® discount by starting your quote online. If your ride happens to be equipped with certain standard safety features like airbags and antilock brakes, you could also snag a discount.

We like to make it simple to start up a reliable policy at affordable rates, so feel free to ask us about our discounts at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262). You can reach an agent at these times.

already insured? you could still save by switching

Even if you already maintain an auto policy, you could still stand to save some cash on your coverage simply by switching to Esurance any time of the year. On top of already-competitive rates, our Switch & Save® discount offers savings just for transferring your current auto insurance with another company over to Esurance (without any lapses).

Plus we offer a wealth of other car insurance discounts to try and help you obtain reliable coverage at an affordable price — including discounts for being claim free, savings for homeowners and good students, and so much more.

And with CoverageMyWay®, only from Esurance, we can help you tailor auto insurance coverage options that feel right to you.

The right amount of coverage
There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what coverage limits you want to carry on your auto insurance policy.

5 steps to switching your car insurance
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