life changes and teen driver insurance

As any experienced driver can tell you, major life changes have a tendency to change your insurance too. Find out how in our answers to these frequently asked questions.

getting your own car insurance policy

I just turned 16 and bought my first car, and my mom told me to get my own car insurance. Can I do that even though I'm not 18?

My parents plan to kick me off their policy when I graduate college. How can I get a new policy? Will the change affect my rate?

the young driver goes to college

My son goes to school in another state and does not have a car. Do I have to keep him on my policy?

My son/daughter is taking a car with him/her to college. Can I keep him/her on my policy?

My daughter is home from college for a week. Is she covered if she drives my car but is not on my policy?

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