emergency road service coverage

If you're in a bind (or a ditch), emergency road service coverage, sometimes referred to as towing and labor coverage, can help by paying for up to $75 of roadside assistance per incident.

quick coverage facts

  • Optional coverage
  • Can help pay for towing, tire changes, lockout services, and more
  • Pays up to $75 per covered incident

how emergency road service (ERS) works

ERS is available 24/7. When you're in a jam and need to file a claim, call 1-888-374-6472. The operator will help arrange a tow or send someone to get your car moving again.

If you decide to use your own towing service instead of the emergency roadside assistance on your car insurance policy, Esurance will reimburse you up to your coverage limits for the cost incurred. Just fax us your receipt and we'll get right on it.

what ERS offers

Emergency roadside service, or towing and labor coverage as it's called in certain states, can pay up to $75 towards roadside services if a breakdown leaves you stranded on the side of the road. To add this coverage to your Esurance policy, you need to have comprehensive and collision coverage as a prerequisite.

ERS (aka towing and labor) can cover:

  • Towing assistance
  • Flat tire changes
  • Gas, oil, and water delivery
  • Battery service (jump-start)
  • Lockout service

So if you've left your keys in your car or your car battery died while you were shopping, ERS can help by giving you a number to call and covering the expense.

with esurance, you can also pay as you go

If you don't have emergency roadside assistance with Esurance or any other provider, Esurance offers pay-as-you-go ERS at competitive per-incident rates. Just call 1-844-772-3787 and we can help you get back on the road.

emergency road service and free rescue tracker

With emergency road service coverage from Esurance, you'll never be stranded. Plus, when you call for help, you'll gain access to our rescue tracker on your smartphone. It provides details, like your service provider's company name and estimated time of arrival.

Rescue tracker also delivers status updates (as available) when your service provider is en route, onsite, or your tow is completed. And many of the trucks have GPS tracking so you can watch their progress on a map as they make their way to you.

what ERS covers (and what it doesn’t cover)

Unlike some roadside emergency services, ERS coverage is vehicle-specific. That means you can add it to any or all cars on your policy.

Because it's car-specific, ERS doesn't follow you into someone else's car, even if you're the driver behind the wheel.

Already have a roadside assistance plan?

If you already have emergency roadside assistance through AAA or your leasing company, just let us know. It may help lower your premium.

ERS: on the side of caution

Emergency road service can offer additional peace of mind and help make a dreaded roadside experience a little more manageable.

If you'd like to add emergency roadside assistance to your policy, simply log into your policy or call us at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).

Rental car coverage
Along with ERS, rental car reimbursement coverage can provide added peace of mind if your ride is decommissioned.

Comprehensive and collision coverage
Learn more about the coverage you may need to add before tacking ERS onto your policy.

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