does car insurance cover earthquake damage?

Experiencing an earthquake and its aftermath can be scary enough, so having the right auto insurance coverage to help financially safeguard you against quake-related damage can provide peace of mind (and your wallet will thank you, too).

the effects of earthquakes

Noticeable earthquakes (i.e. those you can feel) might be a relatively rare occurrence compared to other natural disasters in the U.S., but when they do strike they can cause major damage. The estimated insured losses from earthquakes amounted to a whopping $150 million in 2014.

Much of the destruction is caused by the ground shaking, which can result in buckled roads, upturned cars, damage to parking garages and other structures, burst pipelines, landslides, rock falls, and more.

That's a lot of reasons to secure the right financial protection in the unfortunate event that your vehicle suffers damage from a quake.

how your auto insurance can help with earthquake damage

Given the right car insurance coverage, you can take comfort in knowing your auto policy will step in to help repair your vehicle if it suffers earthquake-related damage.

Among the many incidents comprehensive coverage can help safeguard you from, earthquake damage to your ride is one of them. It can also save the day if your car gets stolen, if you collide with an animal, and even if hail wreaks havoc.

It's important to mention that you'd likely be financially responsible for any quake-related repairs to your ride if you choose not to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy and need to file a claim. It's generally an optional add-on unless required by a loan or leasing company, so be sure to ask a licensed agent about it if you haven't already.

If your ride needs replacement due to earthquake damage, you'll be responsible for covering your comprehensive coverage deductible before your insurer generally offers you a settlement for the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle.

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