customized parts and equipment

Customized parts and equipment coverage protects the additions, alterations, and upgrades you make to your car.

quick coverage facts

  • Can help repair or replace custom parts like radios and rims
  • It's optional
  • Maximum coverage limit is $4,000

Because many car insurance policies only cover original equipment, you run the risk of paying out-of-pocket to replace brand-new stereos or shiny chrome rims if they're stolen or damaged. That's where this coverage can help.

customized parts and equipment coverage defined

Customized parts and equipment coverage protects any equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements, and changes that alter the appearance or performance of your ride. In other words, everything other than what the original manufacturer installed.

What customized parts and equipment insurance actually covers

The scope of modifications that it can cover is as varied as personal tastes, ranging from high-tech entertainment systems to aesthetic enhancements.

Technological modifications:

  • Stereos, sound reproducing, sound recording, and television equipment
  • Radios, citizen band radios, and scanners
  • Personal computers, Wi-Fi access, and navigation systems

Aesthetic modifications:

  • Custom grilles, louvers, side pipes, hood scoops, or spoilers
  • Custom wheels, tires, or spinners
  • Custom chrome and paint
  • Body, engine, exhaust, or suspension enhancers
  • Winches, anti-roll, or anti-sway bars
  • Special carpeting or insulation
  • Furniture or bars
  • Height-extending roofs
  • Custom murals, paintings, or other decals or graphics

It can also cover lifts, restraints, and other custom equipment installed for disabled drivers and passengers.

Coverage limits

Customized parts and equipment coverage from Esurance covers the following up to $4,000 (depending on the coverage limit you set):

  • The actual cash value of the stolen or damaged property
  • The amount it costs to repair the property to its pre-loss condition
  • The amount it costs to replace damaged property

Documenting the insured parts

If you purchase customized parts and equipment coverage, carefully document and take photos of the enhancements. Exercising your organizational skills beforehand can pay off if you ever need to file a claim on those parts.

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where customized parts and equipment is available

Keep in mind that customized parts and equipment coverage can vary by state. For instance, some states allow you to purchase this coverage only if you buy comprehensive and collision as well.

Customized parts and equipment coverage can also go by a different name. For example, in Maryland, it's referred to as custom parts and equipment coverage, and in Virginia, it's called excess electronic equipment coverage.

adding customized parts and equipment to your car insurance policy

If you have or plan on adding any nifty new accessories, devices, or enhancements, this coverage can provide invaluable protection. If you're an Esurance customer, you can add it by calling 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262) or by updating your policy online.

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