why we ask what we ask during your car insurance quote

Our quoting process is designed to give you an accurate quoted price for the policy you want. Find out why we ask certain questions when you get a car insurance quote and how your answers can influence what you pay (and what discounts you're eligible for).


The primary use of the vehicle you're insuring

How you plan to use your car may be a pricing factor. If you select "Commuting to work/school" or "Pleasure" as your primary use, you'll continue with your Esurance quote. If you choose "Business/commercial," we'll redirect you to our commercial car insurance partner.

If you drive your car primarily for business purposes other than commuting, commercial car insurance may be for you. If you only use your car for commuting or pleasure, get a regular car insurance quote.

Your car's annual mileage

As a general rule, the more a car is on the road, the greater the risk of an accident.

In some states, drivers with a higher annual mileage may pay higher rates because of the increased risk. On the other hand, those who drive less frequently may receive a reduced rate.

If you're not sure how much you drive, you can check some of your documents for historical odometer readings to help you calculate it. Your odometer reading may appear on your vehicle service records, your bill of sale, and documents you filed with the DMV when you registered your car.

The ownership status of your car

Ownership status helps us consider different insurance coverage packages for you and provide you with an accurate rate. For example, if you lease your car, your leasing company may require comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy. Since the leasing company still owns the title on the car, it may require these coverages as a condition of the lease.

If your car has a salvage title

Esurance doesn't insure cars with salvage titles, so we ask about them early to save you some time. Cars with salvage titles were typically declared total losses at some point because of the extent of damage caused by an accident, water, or other natural disaster.

To get a car with a salvage title insured through another company, you generally need to make all the repairs necessary to get your car running safely again. Once you've repaired your ride, your local state traffic authority or DMV has to give your car a clean bill of health before you're able to insure it elsewhere.

Anti-theft devices

Anti-theft devices make your car harder to steal, and some of them also make your car easier to recover. That's why Esurance offers an Anti-Theft discount.

Depending on your state, you could get an Anti-Theft discount if your car has:

  • Car alarms (using the passive setting)
  • Keyless entry devices
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass VIN etching
  • Fuel cut-off switches
  • Ignition cut-off switches/exterior sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Vehicle immobilizer devices
  • Vehicle tracking systems like LoJack® or OnStar®

We'll ask you about anti-theft devices for each of your cars.

Additional cars

You can include up to 4 cars on a single policy. In addition to the added convenience of having all your cars covered by one insurance policy, Esurance offers a Multi-Car discount in most states.


Your gender, age, and years licensed

It seems personal, but driving behavior varies by gender, age, and experience.

Find out why women pay less for car insurance, all else being equal.

It's worth noting that these factors won't affect your premium as much as your own individual driving record will.

Additional drivers

Esurance, like other insurers, needs a list of everyone who lives in the household regardless of whether each driver is to be covered by the policy. If you want to exclude a driver from your policy, you typically can unless your state doesn't allow it.

If you'd like to exclude a driver from your policy

If you live with someone who has a bad or inexperienced driving record, your rates may increase because of that driver's spotty record. To avoid this, you might consider a driver exclusion, which is available in many states.

Excluded drivers will not be covered when driving your car under any circumstance or after a car accident.

Whether you own or rent your home

If you own your home, you may want to consider homeowners insurance or different car insurance coverages than if you're a renter. If you bought a home, for example, you may opt for higher liability limits to protect your new asset.

We also want you to save money on the right coverage. Esurance, like many auto insurance companies, offers car insurance discounts to homeowners.

Read more about homeownership and car insurance here.

Your marital status

We ask to help ensure you get an accurate rate. As mentioned above, we need to know about each driving adult (including your spouse) in your household in case you want to try to add exclusions.

Marital status can correlate to your insurance risk profile. Married drivers tend to have a lower risk of getting into an accident, on the whole, than their single counterparts. But if you're single, your individual driving record weighs far more heavily on your rate than your marital status.

At Esurance, in most states where we do business, you'll qualify for the married rate if you're in a registered domestic partnership, and you can also take advantage of our Multi-Car discount by insuring your partner's car on your Esurance policy.

Your profession

In some states, we offer discounts to members of certain professions.

Your social security number

Your social security number helps us give you a more accurate rate.

We respect and protect your personal information at all times. Please refer to our Privacy and Security Commitment for more information.

insurance info

Your current insurance

Continuous insurance coverage can be a factor in determining risk profiles, and maintaining continuous insurance can help lower your rate over time. Insurance companies rely on your information plus additional data sources to understand your previous experience with insurers.

In addition, your current insurance policy may help us understand your specific coverage needs.

Your current policy's end date

If you've told us you're currently insured, we want to know when your policy will expire. You can certainly switch your car insurance earlier, but we want to make sure the start date you choose won't leave you with a gap in coverage. A gap in coverage could lead to higher rates in the future.

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