carpooling: 5 reasons to dive in

For the majority of driving's history, carpooling was synonymous with youth soccer games. But nowadays, the destinations have changed — drivers are carpooling to work, to social events, to games and concerts … anywhere, really. If you're an HOV lane holdout, we hereby present carpooling stats and facts and 5 carpooling perks to whet your ridesharing whistle.

carpooling by the numbers: an esurance infographic

top 5 reasons to carpool

Ridesharing has more benefits than just providing captive ears for your disco-fusion playlist. These 5 advantages might sway you to test the carpooling waters for yourself.

1. Safer roads

One of the best things about ridesharing is that it literally reduces the number of cars on the road. And when there's less congestion, commuters and hardcore errand-runners would agree, there's typically less driving stress, less time spent behind the wheel, and less risk of those heavy-traffic fender benders. Naturally, the longer you avoid accidents and car insurance claims, the lower your premium tends to go.

2. Personal convenience

Even if it doesn't cause an accident, stop-and-go traffic is a major headache. That's why many states reward carpoolers with their own private comfort lane. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) confirms that in most cases, these HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes are both more efficient at handling road congestion and safer than their unrestricted counterparts.

If you have a low-emission or no-emission ride in some states (like California), you can qualify for an HOV sticker that allows use of the carpool lane whether or not you have passengers.

3. A breath of fresh air

As a green company, Esurance supports almost anything that reduces our carbon footprint. So it makes good, green sense that we really, really like carpooling. For one thing, when there are fewer cars zooming around, there are fewer exhaust pipes putting out harmful emissions and less overall dependence on the gas pump.

What's more, the DOT reports that in 100 percent of official studies, HOV lanes have positively affected surrounding air quality.

4. Esurance low-mileage savings

In general, the fewer miles you drive, the less risk of an accident. In some states, we reward drivers for not driving so much through low-mileage discounts or lower rates.

Joining a carpool is a great way to cut down on your annual mileage, especially if your commute is on the long side.

5. The social aspect

In our increasingly technological age, a carpool offers a healthy, social alternative to a solo commute. As a company born online, we have great love for all things technological. But we understand the importance of the human touch, too. So if you're looking for a way to get to know your colleagues and neighbors, hop in a carpool. They're increasingly easy to find.

how to find (or start) a nearby carpool

Carpools are getting easier and easier to find online if you don't first hear of one through the grapevine.

A great option is to check with your state's DOT. It will likely have various solutions, such as searching databases that match you to a fellow carpooler-in-need or coordinating employer ridesharing programs.

If that fails, go social. Companies like Zimride are connecting drivers and passengers like never before.

carpooling and car insurance

No matter your age or your destination, carpooling makes sense as a great way to reduce driving risk, clean up the planet, and remove some stress from your life.

If you've recently made the dive into carpooling and want to see how your reduced mileage can help you save, grab a free and easy online quote.

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