hazards of the ATV trail (and how ATV insurance can help)

ATV riders face routine dangers like twisting trails, narrow paths, and other riders. And a reliable ATV insurance policy offers financial protection from the unforeseen. This guide shows you how an ATV policy helps protect your finances, letting you ride with peace of mind.

your transport trailer gets damaged

If you use a trailer to get your ATV from A to B, there's always a chance the trailer could be damaged in an accident or ill-advised turn.

How transport trailer coverage can help

When you get your free quote, you'll have the option of adding up to $10,000 of physical damage coverage for your trailer. But if the car you're using to tow your trailer already has transport trailer protection, you won't need to get it through your ATV policy.

you crash your ATV

The list of things you can crash your ATV into is nearly endless: rocks, trees, cacti, signposts, other ATVs, buildings, ponds … we could go on. You never know what the trail will throw at you, so it's good to be prepared for anything.

How collision coverage can help

Collision coverage can help cover major crash-related damage to your ATV.

How liability coverage can help

You might also want to consider purchasing personal liability coverage to help pay for the things you could crash into, as well as other riders' medical expenses.

your passenger gets injured

If you take friends out for an ATV ride, there's always a chance they could be injured. Accident-related injuries can lead to costly medical bills.

How medical payments coverage can help

Generally, your ATV insurance coverage extends to your passengers. So if the people you're riding with get injured, medical payments can kick in to help cover their bills.

you’re hit by an uninsured rider

There you are, negotiating the switchbacks on a particularly gnarly hill when another rider comes flying down the ridge and hits your ATV. He doesn't have insurance, leaving you to take care of your injury bills and property damage. Not fair, right?

How uninsured motorist coverage can help

If you've purchased uninsured/underinsured motorist protection, damages to you or your ATV will be covered up to your specified limits. Not all states require ATV insurance, so buying uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can really come in handy.

you’re in an ATV accident north of the border

A lot of ATV enthusiasts love to explore the great off-road trails in Canada. But if something happens to you or your ATV when you're outside of the United States, it can be nerve-wracking.

How ATV insurance can help

ATV insurance covers you even in Canada, so you can explore with confidence.

It's worth noting that most policies offered through Esurance don't cover you or your ATV in Mexico or abroad.

your ATV is stolen

Not all the dangers facing ATV riders are lurking out on the trail. Some risks, like theft, are right there in your home (or wherever you're storing your ATV). Keeping your ATV inside of a locked garage is great, but even that isn't fail-proof.

How comprehensive coverage can help

By purchasing comprehensive coverage, you'll be covered if your ATV gets stolen. Your policy can help pay to replace your stolen ride up to your ATV's actual cash value, minus the deductible you choose.

Comprehensive also covers damage from things like fallen tree branches, fire, flood, and collisions with animals — basically the out-of-the-blue dangers that make you so glad you're insured.

the potential perks of ATV insurance policies

This page should give you an idea of how a reliable ATV policy can kick in to protect your finances.

To learn more about the different ways you can protect yourself with ATV insurance, get your free ATV quote in just a few minutes.

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