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Esurance guide to winter storm safety

Here's a surprising tidbit: 1 in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year. Think: burst frozen pipes or ice dams wreaking havoc on your roof. Yikes. Get tips below on how to prepare for blizzard-like conditions. Plus, find out how your insurance could help you recover.

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winding winter road

Greatest winter-driving tips

When Jack Frost wreaks havoc on the road, here's what to do.


car driving through snow

4 ways to prep your car for winter

Get your car ready for snowy and freezing temps.


snow-covered trees

How to prepare for a severe snowstorm

Winterize your car and home, plus stock up on important supplies.


vehicles driving on a snowy street

The science of skidding

Depending on where you live, roads can get slick FAST.


man holding a snow shovel

Melting snow and ice: does kitty litter work?

Yup. Find out how non-clumping cat litter can be a lifesaver during a blizzard.


woman holding jumper cables

11 must-haves for your winter car kit

Jumper cables, warm clothes, and these other items can keep you safe and sound.


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