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Esurance guide to tornado safety

Knowing an oncoming tornado is in potential striking distance can be scary. But we're ready to help. Get tips below on how to prepare for a tornado. Plus, find out how your insurance could help you recover.

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dark storm clouds

Tornado season is here — are you ready?

Find out where they come from, how to spot them, and how to stay safe.


an uprooted tree

Preparing for high-wind threats: 9 tips for homeowners

Start by securing lawn furniture and your grill.


an illuminated flashlight

How to prepare for a blackout

Assemble a few simple items to stay safe: water, important documents, and a first-aid kit.


a tornado near a road

What to do if there's a tornado while you're driving

If possible, head to the nearest truck stop or convenience store. Then follow these tips.


a fallen tree on cars

Will car insurance cover damage from fallen trees?

Strong winds can mean a fallen tree … on your car. See how comprehensive coverage can help.


a home destroyed by a tornado

Does homeowners insurance cover natural disasters?

Good news: hazard insurance on a standard homeowners policy usually covers tornadoes.


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