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Esurance guide to handling severe storms

Lightning. Flash floods. Intense winds. Severe weather can take a heavy toll on your home, your car, and your stress levels. But we're here to help. Get tips below on how to weather the storm. Plus, find out how your insurance could help you recover.

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Preparing for severe storms: dos and don'ts

Stay on top of these home maintenance tasks before it's too late.


street lights seen from behind a window during a storm

Flash floods: what causes them and how to avoid them

Typically caused by intense rainfall, flash floods can be scary and dangerous.



Thunderstorm survival 101: 6 things you must know

It can be a million volts of electricity. Protect yourself with these tips.


a car mostly flooded in water

Does car insurance cover flood damage?

Get the full picture on how insurance might be able to help with water damage to your car.


man standing in front of a flooded car

What to do if you lose your car in a disaster

Once it's safe, document the damage.


flooded street

Flood-damaged cars and seawater

Water + electronics do not mix. Find out how a car is deemed an "obvious total loss."


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