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Word of an oncoming hurricane can be frightening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. See what you need to know about preparing for a hurricane, what to do if you’re caught in the middle, and how to bounce back after the storm has passed.

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How to Create a Home Inventory:

If your things get lost, damaged, or stolen, a thorough inventory can help you replace them quickly. Here's how to make one.

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How to Avoid a Hurricane:

If a hurricane is headed your way, don't wait: follow these instructions to minimize hassle and maximize safety.

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How to Prepare for a Blackout:

If you're staying put, be prepared to lose power. See what you should have on hand in case things get dark.

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How to File an Auto Claim:

Call 1-800-ESURANCE, click the link below, or use the Esurance Mobile app to file a claim 24/7.

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How to File a Homeowners Claim:

Call 1-800-ESURANCE or click the link below to file a claim 24/7.

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How to Submit a Photo Claim

Get your money fast, even by the next day, with Photo Claims.

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How to Drive in Rain: 5 Quick Tips (and One Suggestion):

From the basics to some lesser-known advice, get a refresher course on driving in the rain.

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Tips for Before, During, and After a Winter Power Outage:

Get tips on how to prep for a power outage — and what to do once (and after) it happens.

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Power Outages and Food Spoilage:

Your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of replenishing groceries after an extended blackout. Find out how it works.

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