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Esurance guide to handling hurricanes

Word of an oncoming hurricane can be frightening. But we're ready to help. Get tips below on how to prepare for a hurricane. Plus, find out how your insurance could help you recover.

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view of the ocean from indoors during a hurricane

4 things you need to know about hurricanes

Wind and water damage are usually covered by homeowners insurance. Flooding typically isn't.


reflection of a home in standing water

How to protect your home against 3 common types of floods

See how wet floodproofing can safeguard your home against coastal floods.


flooded waters spilling onto a road

Flood damage: how to protect your car or file your claim

Having comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy is key.


storm debris on a road

How to stay safe during a storm

Be ready to evacuate and return once it's safe.


road closure during a storm

Hurricane driving: top 5 safety tips

Pack a bag of essentials and make sure your gas tank is full.


man standing in front of a flooded car

What to do if you lose your car in a disaster

When it's safe, document the damage.


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