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Dangerous to your car and your home, hail causes about $1 billion in damage every year. Whether you’re expecting pea- or softball-sized hailstones, prep yourself for the storm (and find out how to deal with the damage) with this hailstorm survival guide from Esurance.

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8 Ways to Prepare for a Natural Disaster:

The best offense is a good defense. Partner with neighbors and create a game plan to make sure everyone's taken care of in a natural disaster.

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11 Essentials Every Home Emergency Kit Should Include:

Stock up on these essentials to make sure you can handle whatever nature sends your way.

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How To Prepare for a Winter Storm: 10 Simple Steps:

These maintenance musts will help you keep you, your home, and your family stay safe (and warm) during winter storms.

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Braving the Blizzard: How to Prepare for a Severe Snowstorm:

In hail or snow, don't get caught unprepared. Use this list to get everything stocked and shipshape before the storm.

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Driving in High Winds:

If you need to drive in high-wind conditions, here's how to stay firmly on the road until you get where you've got to go.

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Greatest Winter Driving Tips:

From hail to sleet, winter driving can be full of obstacles. Lower your risk by studying up on safe driving tips.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

If your car gets damaged in a hailstorm, you could very well be covered by your insurance. Find out how.

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Myth: Homeowners Insurance Never Covers Hail Damage:

While you're looking over the hailstorm's effects on your house, you may be surprised by what's covered by your insurance.

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