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driving tips

safely navigating the danger zones

The best way to lower your car insurance rate is to avoid accidents. Mentally prepare yourself for all driving eventualities and reap the gradual rewards by checking out our driving tips.

Sharing the road

Sharing the road with police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances

Flashing lights. Sirens. Panic? No — calmly handled reaction. All you need to do is read this page.

Sharing the road with school buses

Understanding your responsibilities around little ones is a great way to keep your driving record clean and clear.

Sharing the road with cyclists

As more and more of us take up cycling as a means to get around, we explain how to drive alongside our 2-pedaled friends.

Sharing the road with big trucks

If you're intimidated by sharing the road with big rigs, don't fret. We'll explain some of the unique dangers posed by these massive rides and how you can avoid them.

Sharing the road with pedestrians: 7 tips

Find out how you can identify potentially dicey pedestrian zones and drive safely around those who are most at risk.

Sharing the road with motorcycles

We'll help you navigate motorcycle-filled streets like a pro.

Carpooling: 5 reasons to dive in

We are all about the carpool lane. Find out how joining (or starting) a carpool can help you avoid accidents and save you money in the long run.

General driving guidelines

How to travel with kids

Here are some tips to keep your little bundles of joy busy while you concentrate on the road.

Tips and info for older drivers

Age alone doesn't make a driver unsafe. Find relevant stats and useful tips on driving safely well into your golden years.

4 bad driving habits you can fix

Your car is good to you. So reward it by fixing these bad behaviors that can harm your car and cost you money.

Right-of-way laws

Find out how to handle busy intersections and rotaries.

Danger zones and how to navigate them

Some traffic areas require more driver care (and patience) than others. From parking lots to school zones, we'll reveal common trouble spots and offer tips on maneuvering through them.

Getting pulled over by the police

Sirens in the rear-view mirror. Now what? Find out how to best handle traffic stops with our handy lists of do's and don'ts.

Driving abroad

Read our guide to find the right rental car and choose the right coverage options before you travel. Disclaimer: you may still get lost.

Seasonal driving tips

Summer driving

Despite the sunny weather, summer months rank highly in fatal accidents. Find out about the seasonal dangers and read our safety tips.

Fall driving

Fall is a lovely time of year, but for drivers it means back-to-school traffic, rain, wet leaves on the road, fog, frost, icy spots, and darting deer. Find out how you can protect yourself when faced with dangerous fall driving conditions.

Winter driving

Winter brings a whole slew of driving dangers. Make sure you're prepared for winter road conditions by winterizing your car and following our winter driving safety tips.

Spring driving

Spring showers and other seasonal delights are accompanied by a host of driving hazards. We'll explain what they are and how to stay safe.

Navigating natural disasters

Hurricanes and high winds

Windy conditions can impact drivers. We'll explain how and offer tips on staying safe until the weather calms.


The best way to avoid flood damage is to stay off the roads. But if you can't, our tips can help you and your car stay safe and dry.


We hope it doesn't come up in your driving life. But if it does, we'll help you stay safe during and after an earthquake.