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did you know?

useful tidbits and trivia

on all things car and car insurance

If you've ever wondered what a VIN's characters mean, how insurance evolved, or how the highways were built, you're in the right place. These pages can help satiate your curiosity.

Car insurance info

The history of insurance

Insurance is as old as the pyramids. And you can excavate the fascinating history of insurance here.

Why you need car insurance

Find out why a good policy is so valuable.

Quiz time: comprehensive and collision coverage

Are you an expert when it comes to these car-protecting coverages? Take our quiz and see.

About our roads

Speed limits by the numbers

Everything you ever wanted to know (and possibly more) about speed limits.

The history of U.S. highways

Facts and trivia about the greatest public works project in U.S. history.

How the interstate system works

Read up on the logic of interstate numbering and find out why there are interstates in Hawaii.

The history of street signs

Get a comprehensive look at the history of the humble street sign and pay tribute to these symbols of safety.

Driving info

Why car batteries die

Find the answer and help your car battery live a long, energized life.

How to read a VIN

Confused by all those numbers and letters? We can help you decipher your car or truck's vehicle identification number.

The science of drunk driving

Not a news flash: drinking and driving don't mix. But do you know how, exactly, alcohol affects your driving ability?