CoverageMyWay goes to work after you start a quote online.

get car insurance that’s right for you

Just start a quote, and CoverageMyWay will go to work for you. Simply tell us about yourself and we'll help you tailor a unique policy that suits you.

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CoverageMyWay goes to work after you start a quote online.

you make smart decisions — your car insurance should too

Life is filled with choices. And your car insurance policy should be built to help you navigate them.

CoverageMyWay, only from Esurance, removes much of the guesswork associated with buying car insurance to help you find the coverage options that match your life. We're committed to taking the hassle out of car insurance, empowering you make smart decisions with your protection.

how CoverageMyWay works

Using smart technology, complex algorithms, and more than a little secret sauce, CoverageMyWay is intuitive technology designed to help prioritize your coverages, so you can choose the ones that make sense for you and steer clear of ones that don't.

When you get a quote, our state-of-the-art technology uses information you provide — including but not limited to vehicle info, driving history, and family info — to help personalize your coverage options.

Of course, you can adjust your coverages as much as you like. But we know how daunting customizing an auto policy can be, which is why we begin the process for you.

CoverageMyWay in action

In the olden days, insurance meant miles of paperwork and acres of headache. And you probably wondered, am I spinning my wheels?

But with CoverageMyWay, you can rest easy. Everything you tell us goes straight into helping you make smarter choices with your policy.

For example:

  • If you rent an apartment or home, or live in a condo, CoverageMyWay can suggest adding renters coverage to your auto policy and getting top-notch protection for your belongings as well as your ride.
  • If you drive a new or higher-priced car model, CoverageMyWay could highlight collision coverage to help safeguard your sweet chariot.
  • If we think there may be more than one option that may be of interest to you, we could lead with one but also feature others as easy, one-click additions or side-by-side comparisons.

And the best part is, our smart technology can handle algorithms as complex or simple as needed. Meaning we can help you make informed decisions that suit your life … no matter how hectic your life may be.

how do i get CoverageMyWay?

Enjoying CoverageMyWay isn't just easy — it's automatic. Because it's built directly into the quoting process, CoverageMyWay goes to work right away when you get a fast, free quote from Esurance, helping personalize coverage options that are right for you. That's it!