coverage counselor®: the car insurance coverage estimator from esurance

The information you provide in Coverage Counselor is not used for rating, underwriting, or any purpose unrelated to this tool. Coverage Counselor is meant to highlight certain factors you may wish to consider in choosing coverage. The information presented is of a general nature based on the information you provide and is not meant to recommend specific coverage levels for you to purchase. Coverage Counselor doesn't require personal information. Only you can determine what coverages are best for you. Coverage Counselor may not present all coverages, limits, or deductibles that could be available to you. Actual coverages vary by state and are subject to individual eligibility. Other terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Find the car insurance that's right for you.

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coverage counselor, your car insurance calculator

At Esurance, our goal is to help you make smart decisions about your insurance. That's why we created Coverage Counselor, our handy car insurance estimator, to help you find the coverage options that are right for you.

Coverage Counselor factors in your unique circumstances to get to the best solution for you:

  • Your car's ownership status (leased, financed or owned)
  • Your family situation
  • The value of your assets
  • Alternate transportation options

how it works

It's simple. We ask you a few quick and easy questions, then generate coverage options and amounts to consider. You decide the coverage limits that are right for you, but Coverage Counselor helps you narrow down smart choices for your specific needs.