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fraud and theft

car insurance fraud and stolen cars

If there are 2 things you have in common with your insurer, it's a healthy disdain for both car insurance fraud and vehicle theft. We'll help you identify risks and protect yourself by giving you a better understanding of fraud and theft in these pages.

Car insurance fraud

price tag Car insurance fraud

Did you know that car insurance fraud can cost innocent consumers millions of dollars? Learn more about car insurance fraud and how you can help fight it.

5 examples of car insurance fraud

Find out about 5 common fraud scenarios including exaggerated repair costs, vehicle dumping, and faulty airbag replacement.

Staged car accidents

Staged accidents are another form of car insurance fraud. We explain some of the more common types of staged accidents.

How to avoid a common towing scam

Our tips can help you identify and avoid a fishy towing situation.

Vehicle theft

theft Top 10 most commonly stolen cars

Find out which cars were stolen the most over the past several years.

7 tips for protecting your car from thieves

We've got 7 practical tips to help you keep your car safe and where you left it.

After your car is stolen

Dealing with a stolen car can be stressful. We'll explain how to report the theft and which car insurance coverages can come in handy.