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claim types

claims in all shapes and sizes

Not all car insurance claims are created equal. As part of our mission to make the claims experience easy, we consider it our duty to explain why certain types of claims are a bit different. In these pages, we'll get to the bottom of some commonly reported claims.

Windshield and glass claims

Find all the info you need about your glass or windshield insurance claim here.

Fender-bender claims

Fender benders may seem trivial, but it could still be important to file a claim if you get into one.

Flood damage claims

Flash floods can happen in all 50 states. See what coverage you need to protect your car.

Rental car claims

What happens when you get into an accident with your rental car? We have answers.

Hit-and-run claims

Quick tips on how to handle a hit-and-run accident.

Vandalism claims

Vandalism can be incredibly frustrating. But here's how you can keep calm and carry on.