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helpful tips for toy vehicle riders

Leisure time doesn't stay that way by accident. Whether you want to find out where you can take your golf cart, what to wear on your snowmobile, or how to balance your Segway insurance (and yourself), Esurance has some seriously good advice on taking it easy.


Preparing your snowmobile survival kit
Stay ready for any snowmobile mishaps with these survival items.

Guide to snowmobile types
You've decided to try snowmobiling. Great! Um … now what? For starters, use our handy guide to decide what type of snowmobile best suits your riding style.

Snowmobile safety
Check out our safety tips and make sure your riding skills are up to par.

Snowmobile maintenance
Before you take your snowmobile out for a spin, make sure it's in tip-top shape. Here's how.


ATV safety gear: what to put on when you go off road
Plan your 4-wheeler wardrobe with our guide to essential ATV apparel.

ATV hazards
Take a ride with us as we show you some of the hazards you face on the ATV trail, and how ATV insurance can help protect you.


How to ride a Segway
Whether you operate a Segway in an urban environment or a small town, it's smart to learn how to ride well.

Top 4 cool uses for Segways
Whether you own your own or simply tool around town from time to time, Segways were built for your enjoyment. We'll show you some cool ways to make the most of the Segway experience.

Golf cart

5 golf cart safety tips
You don't always get a mulligan when it comes to golf cart accidents. Avoid them in the first place by brushing up on these riding tips.

5 places you can drive golf carts (and how they affect your insurance)
Golf carts are more mobile than you might think. Learn where you can take yours and why you don't want to skip on motorcycle insurance for your golf cart.

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