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helpful hints for homeowners and renters

Your home is your castle and we want to help you keep it that way. Esurance has tips on buying a new home, making home improvements, and even making your home environmentally friendly. Whether you rent or own, you'll find some valuable tips here.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage and mold?

Discover why the source of your water or mold issue could be the most important factor — plus get vital tips for keeping your home clear and dry.

6 tips to help prevent home burglary

What do your trash, bushes, and neighbors have to do with your home security and property insurance? A lot, actually.

Animal house: how pets affect your homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance can be a bear if you have a pet. Find out which animals might affect your coverage.

5 things that increase your homeowners insurance premium

Here's a helpful guide on what to avoid if you want to keep your homeowners coverage rates down.

7 questions to ask when shopping for homeowners insurance

How do you get what you need from your homeowners coverage? Here are 7 questions to guide you.

What is my stuff worth? Hidden valuables in your home

That Beatles vinyl? Costume brooch? Mid-90s PC? It could all be worth a fortune — and needs protection under your homeowners insurance.

7 home maintenance tasks to save you money

Are your gutters putting you at risk of a fire or flood? Is your fridge about to go kaput? Simple home maintenance can prevent a ton of future headaches.

How is my homeowners insurance premium decided?

Find out why you're paying what you do — and how you can save.

Homeowners insurance for a second home

What's special about your second home? Everything — including the insurance risks.

How to insure a manufactured home

From assembly plant to permanent site, manufactured and mobile homes have specific risks that need the right insurance.

The Esurance guide to buying a new home

Home buying is a pretty intensive process, but the reward of a new home is well worth the effort. Esurance outlines the steps you should follow if you're in the market for a new home.

Protecting your home from termites

Protecting your home against termites is not only smart, but essential. We'll tell you how termites thrive and how you can deter them.

Protecting your home from mold

Not even the most fastidious cleaner can completely rid their home of mold, but Esurance has some tips on mitigating the problem.

Green your home

Considering a building or remodeling project? We've got tips on how to make your construction more eco-friendly and cost efficient.

Is your home safe for your pets?

Our pets may be cute, but they can make some poor decisions when it comes to their safety and well-being. We offer guidelines to help make your home pet-safe.

Got stuff? Time to take inventory

Having a list of all your possessions at your fingertips will ease a difficult process and get your insurance claim settled faster. We've got some guidelines to follow when compiling your inventory.

Remodeling your home? You may need to remodel your homeowners insurance!

Because a remodeling project will likely add value to your home, updating your homeowners insurance is a must. If you don't, your improvements might not be covered if you file a claim.

The dark side of candles: soot

Soot, which can be mistaken for mold or dirt, can cause irreparable damage and cost tens of thousands of dollars. We offer some tips to avoid soot damage from candles.

Home fire safety: get alarmed

Installing and maintaining smoke alarms is important, but it often skips our minds. We offer you tips to help protect your home and loved ones from devastating fires.

Carbon monoxide: beware of the silent killer

Several sources in our homes can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Esurance offers some tips to keep this odorless, colorless, and tasteless silent killer out of your home.

Want that comfy home? Build with nature in mind!

A home carrying the ENERGY STAR label can reduce your utility bill and greenhouse gas emissions as well as increase the comfort of your home.

Running a home day care

Whether you're new to running a day care or just considering setting one up, here's a handy guide to caring for the kids and your property.