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helpful tips for condo owners

Owning a condo is a big responsibility, and we want to help you make your everyday experience rewarding. Whether you're looking to renovate your condo, rent it out, or see what exactly your HOA covers, Esurance can help you find answers to your condo questions.

HOA insurance: 5 questions condo owners should ask
Your HOA insurance can handle a lot in your condo building. These 5 questions should help reveal exactly how much — and how it impacts your personal condo coverage.

3 common loss assessment coverage claims for condo owners
Loss assessment coverage may sound unfamiliar. But we'll detail 3 routine scenarios in which it can be a lifesaver for condo owners.

How condo renovations impact your condo insurance
A condo remodel often means a change in condo insurance. We'll walk you through 5 savvy policy changes to keep condo renovations from drilling into your savings.

Condo vs. homeowners insurance
When setting up your condo insurance, homeowners coverage isn't always the best model to follow. We'll examine condo vs. homeowners insurance and show you how these plans differ.

How your condo insurance rates are determined
You know what you're paying for condo insurance. Now learn why.

How to insure your vacation condo
Your vacation condo may be at less risk than an everyday unit. Find out how the amount of time you spend in your place impacts your condo insurance needs.

Condo insurance comparison: structure vs. contents
Condo property inside your unit can be split into 2 categories: contents and structure. Knowing the difference can help you snag the right amount of condo insurance.

Is water damage covered by my condo insurance?
Flooding, overflows, burst pipes … they all make a mess. But not all are covered by condo insurance. Learn how to stay protected from condo water damage.

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