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how to survive a blown tire

A tire blowout can unnerve even the most experienced driver. Thankfully, you could survive the startling, white-knuckle experience by following these simple tips.

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A step-by-step guide to surviving a blown tire

If you hear a boom and your car starts to swerve, don't freak out. Use these tips to steer to safety.

Step 1: Gradually release your foot from the accelerator.

Don't panic and release your foot too quickly or brake suddenly — you could end up losing control.

Step 2: Correct your steering.

Hold the steering wheel with both hands and steadily guide your car into its proper position. Be careful not to overcorrect.

Step 3: Pull over to the side of the road.

Remember to look out for other cars and use your hazard lights.

Step 4: Change your tire.

If you have roadside assistance, now's the time to make use of it. Or, if you're a handy DIYer and know how to change a flat tire, you can roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

Step 5: Get a full-size tire.

Most spare tires aren't designed for long-term use or driving above 50 mph. Once you're back on the road, head to a service station to replace your spare.

Avoiding a blowout

Of course, avoiding a blowout is even better than surviving one. To keep one from happening to you, avoid overloading your car, ensure your tires are properly inflated, regularly check the tread, and rotate and replace your tires as needed.


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