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We've partnered with eHealthInsurance, a licensed health insurance agency, to help you compare over 10,000 plans from 180 top companies — without any fees. Once you start your quote you can speak to an expert by phone, chat, or email and easily find the policy that fits you best.


What's covered

Health insurance policies vary quite a bit from plan to plan, so be sure to check on the specifics of your policy or talk to an agent if you have any questions. In general, a health insurance policy helps cover doctor visits, surgery, hospital bills, pharmacy costs, and X-ray and lab expenses. Some plans also cover vision, dental, long-term, short-term, and mental-health care.


Why choose eHealthInsurance?

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Health insurance 101

A good health plan pays for the bulk of your medical expenses and covers long-term nursing as well. It also protects your bank account, lowers medical rates, and acts as a gateway to better health care.

Each policy has a deductible amount and a premium amount. Your deductible is how much you pay out-of-pocket before the insurance provider steps in. And your premium is what you pay every month or year for your policy.


How to approach health insurance

Whether it's a PPO or HMO plan, health insurance is full of choices. You can decide how to manage your risk by considering how much you could comfortably spend in the case of an injury or illness.

Policies with higher deductibles often accompany lower premium payments, but you'll still be responsible for paying smaller medical bills. If you want to save money in the short term, consider opting for a low-premium, high-deductible policy. Policies with lower deductibles are more expensive at first, but typically provide better coverage options.

Occasionally, you can save money by paying your premium all at once. And if you expect to visit a doctor frequently, consider a policy with a lower copayment. Lastly, be as honest as possible when getting your quote. In certain cases, undisclosed conditions can result in a canceled policy when you need it most.

Coverage can vary greatly by plan, so be sure to read through the fine print or speak to an agent if you have any questions.


Health insurance is offered through unaffiliated partners of Esurance. Esurance does not underwrite, provide customer service, or process or pay claims on these products.