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saving more on rv insurance

Now that you know the basics of RV insurance, it's time to find out how you can save on your premium without sacrificing coverage.

Ways to save

Factors that influence your premium

Ways to save

How much does RV insurance cost?

As with any type of insurance, the cost of RV insurance varies depending on many factors, including your driving history, the type of RV you want to insure, and coverage options. In general, however, you'll find that RV insurance can cost even less than your monthly cable bill.

Get a free RV insurance quote to find out exactly what the right amount of coverage can cost.

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What RV insurance discounts can I get?

If you purchase RV insurance through Esurance, you may be able to take advantage of the following discounts:

  • Claims-Free Renewal
  • Original Owner
  • Paid in Full
  • Prompt Payer
  • Responsible Driver

Our partner, Progressive, also allows you to secure a diminishing deductible through its deluxe package coverage. When you select deluxe package coverage, your comprehensive and collision deductibles will shrink 25 percent for every claim-free renewal.

You'll see which discounts you can get when you request your free quote.

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What are some other ways I can save on my RV insurance?

RV insurance through Esurance provides unique savings opportunities called loyalty rewards that begin the day your new policy becomes effective.

These rewards include unlimited small accident forgiveness, specialized claims service, a responsible driver discount, and emergency expense coverage. These combine to offer you significant savings and invaluable support in the long run.

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Factors that influence your premium

What factors affect my RV insurance rate?

Insurance providers consider numerous factors, including your age; gender; location; driving history; the make, model, and age of your RV; coverage history; and your driving experience.

If you're looking to save on RV insurance, maintain a clean, continuous, and claims-free record and purchase a safe, reliable vehicle.

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I don't use my RV that often. What's the cheapest coverage I can get?

You'll find RV insurance affordable. Get a free quote to see exactly how much you'll need to spend, but keep in mind the inherent risks of cheap insurance. The less coverage you have on your policy, the more you pay out of pocket if an incident occurs.

If you'd like help balancing the right price with the right coverage options, contact an expert at 1-866-455-1980, Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., PT.

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Can I cancel my RV insurance when I'm not using it?

That is an option, but it may not be the best one. Lapses in coverage can mean higher premiums, and if you maintain coverage, you'll be able to benefit from loyalty rewards. Plus, you never know when the itch to hit the open road will strike.

Obviously, if your RV is your primary residence, you'll want to maintain insurance year-round so your home and cherished possessions will always be covered.

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This page is intended to provide you with general information about RV insurance, and to help you understand the various kinds of coverage. It does not describe or refer to any specific policy or coverage. For information about your particular coverages, including limitations and exclusions, we encourage you to read your policy contract and consult your insurance representative with any questions.