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filing boat insurance claims

Having to file a boat insurance claim isn't easy — thankfully, actually filing your claim is. The answers here will help guide you through the process.

Filing your claim


Filing your claim

Who handles my boat insurance claims?

Esurance partners with Progressive to offer boat insurance, and Progressive handles all claims and underwriting for your boat policy. You can file a claim anytime through 24/7 claims service.

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Which documents should I have ready when I file a claim?

Our partners recommend having your policy information, receipts and inventory lists, and photos on hand when you file a boat insurance claim.

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Can I file a claim for a fuel-spill accident?

Yes, your policy's liability coverage can help cover the cost of cleaning up fuel spills that occur due to covered accidents with others.

For the environment's sake, boaters are legally required to report fuel or oil spills by calling the U.S. Coast Guard at 1-800-424-8802.

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Can I file a claim for an incident outside American waters?

If you get boat insurance through Esurance, you can file a claim for an event in any of the lakes, rivers, waterways, and oceans of the continental U.S. and Canada. We recommend checking the specifics of your policy to determine if you can file a claim for an incident:

  • In Mexican waters
  • In the Caribbean
  • More than 75 miles from the coast
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Can I file a boat insurance claim to cover medical expenses?

Yes, medical payments coverage is available. Your insurance policy can cover medical care resulting from a boating, waterskiing, or tubing accident, and you can select a limit of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000. It typically kicks in after your health insurance limits have been exceeded.

Medical payments coverage extends to anyone on your boat, regardless of fault.

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Can I file a claim for something that happened during the off-season?

Yes, your policy remains active when your boat is in storage, so you can file a claim during the off-season. This protects you from expenses that result from theft, vandalism, fire, or weather damage. Consider keeping your policy year-round to make sure your investment is insured against any unforeseen events.

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This page is intended to provide you with general information about boat insurance, and to help you understand the various kinds of coverage. It does not describe or refer to any specific policy or coverage. For information about your particular coverages, including limitations and exclusions, we encourage you to read your policy contract and consult your insurance representative with any questions.