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car insurance info

car insurance 101

Smart shoppers can save more on the right car insurance policy. To help you find and manage the coverage that suits you best, take a few minutes to read through these pages.

The basics of car insurance

How car insurance works: what covers what?

Even minor car accidents can cause serious financial (and literal) headaches. We'll break down a car accident scenario to explain how a healthy car insurance policy can help protect your bank account.

Choosing the right amount of auto coverage

Wondering how much car insurance you really need? We'll explain how to choose the coverage levels that fit you best.

Deductibles: the out-of-pocket insurance payments

If you have questions about how deductibles work and when you might have to pay them, you can find the answers here.

Insuring multiple cars

Find out how insuring more than one car can affect your car insurance rate and which coverages you may want to consider adding or adjusting.

Shopping for car insurance

5 steps to switching your car insurance

It's a driver's market! Read our 5-step guide to switching car insurance companies.

How to compare car insurance policies

Shopping for online auto insurance can be a tad overwhelming. This handy guide will help you compare apples to apples.

New car insurance FAQs

Your questions on new car insurance answered.

Insuring older cars

When you insure an older car, there are a few factors worth considering. Find out how to find the right coverage for Old Reliable.

Car insurance quote questions

Find out which questions we ask during the quoting process, why we ask them, and how your answers could influence your final car insurance rate.

Stacked vs. unstacked insurance

We'll school you on stacked vs. unstacked coverage and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Life stages

An overview of insuring teen drivers

Raising a teenager: not easy. But getting car insurance for new drivers should be. We'll explain how to cover your teen driver and share easy ways to save when you do.

Teen driver insurance basics: FAQ

Find out why teen drivers' rates tend to be high, when their rates begin to drop, when they need car insurance, and more.

Life changes and teen driver insurance: FAQ

Major life changes (like going to college and getting your own policy) will affect your car insurance needs and rate. See how.

Saving on and paying for teen driver insurance: FAQ

Discover some surefire ways to minimize teen drivers' high car insurance rates.

How moving affects your car insurance

Moving? Find out how your new ZIP code can affect your coverages and premium, and check out our checklist (so you have one less thing to worry about on moving day).

How marriage affects your car insurance

Tying the knot? See how marriage can mean savings for you and your spouse and find out whether you should combine policies.

How divorce can impact your car insurance

Divorce is hard enough without the added concern of car insurance. Esurance will help you understand your new car insurance needs and explain how your rates and coverages can change.

Understanding and decoding your policy premium

How your car insurance rate is determined

Find out which factors can affect what you pay for your car insurance policy.

Why car insurance rates increase

Car insurance rates can increase from quote to purchase or from term to term. Find out why.

Why cheap is not always best

The lowest premium may not offer the protection you're looking for. Find out how to balance affordability with adequate coverage.

Dangers of minimal coverage

A bare-bones policy may cost less, but it can also leave you financially vulnerable after an accident. We'll explain the risks.

Pros and cons of high deductibles

Raising your deductibles can lower your premium. We'll explain the pros and cons of saving more now while risking more out of pocket later.

Why women pay less for car insurance

Find out why women are winning this battle of the sexes.

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